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Founded in 1911 in Germany

Founded in 1911 in Germany, the Käthe Kruse brand – the originator of a soft doll manufacturer – survived the raging flames of two world wars.


Every Käthe Kruse
 product is developed by elite designers in Donauwörth, Germany, and utilizes the best premium quality materials in the world, complying with the highest European and American safety standards in the process.

Product Category: Soft Toys, Toy Dolls, Classic Dolls
Brand Key Words: Heritage, Craftsmanship, Innovation, Love
It is fascinating to see children build and play while having fun and exploring the endless possibilities of their imaginations.

For over 30 years, the unique, round-edged and flexible PolyM constructions system has been a hit among children and educators all over the world;

And the power of each individual player's imagination means that it's a product that appeals to everyone, regarding of age.

First ToyFair Nuremberg
in 1980

Founder and inventor of PolyM with Family

PolyM building bricks are produced in Germany,
in accordance with the international standards of safety, and are regularly tested by independent testing institutes.

Originally built by a father - Anton Meyer, German engineer, Founder of PolyM - for his beloved daughters, it is fitting that the PolyM building bricks reach new generations with each passing decade.
wooden toys for kids
Eltern is Europe's leading parenting magazine,
with more than 50 years lasting brand history.
In 2018,
Hape started to cooperate with Eltern
and developed many products,
which were loved immensely by children.

Brands Wall – Co-brand
In 2018, Hape started to collaborate with MI (a Chinese technology co., ltd.)

 In 2018, Hape started to collaborate with MI (a Chinese technology co., ltd.)

 We have co-developed products for children, bringing fun and happiness to them. 
In 2016, Hape started to collaborate with Volkswagen (VW).

 In the shape of the Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) (model year 1950-1967), we have designed and produced Hape’s Classical Bus T1 Walker (both in red and blue); while in the shape of the Volkswagen Beetle (model year 1949 - 1985), we have the Beetle Walker (both in red and blue). 

 We aim to provide a classic vintage walker experience for babies of 10 months and above.  



wooden pull along dog
In 2018, Hape became the major distributor of Kids II across mainland China.Kids II is an infant and toddler products manufacturer based in Atlanta, America. The wonderful Magic Touch Piano from Hape and baby einstein (one of the subsidiaries of Kids II) has won global recognition around the globe, for example, winning the ToyAward 2019 in Germany and the Grand Prix du Jouet 2018 in France as well as wnning children’s hearts. 

Brands Wall – The Little Prince

 “The Little Prince”, a film directed by Mark Osborne, is based on the masterpiece Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The animated feature film, quickly became is a world-class blockbuster. 
From 2015 to 2018, Hape collaborating with “The Little Prince”, designed and developed a series of products which garnered a lot of attention and affection. 

Product: A film directed by Mark Osborne


As one of the most enthusiastic players in the global toy industry, Peter Handstein established his toy empire - Hape Holding AG - in Germany in 1986...

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