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Why Encourage Your Baby to Play with Toys?

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In shopping malls, children will let their parents buy wooden baby toys they like as soon as they see them. If parents refuse their children, some children will start to cry, while others will hold their parents' legs tightly to keep them from leaving. In this case, many parents have to buy wooden toy cars for their children. But when the wooden toy trains were bought home, the children soon lost interest in them. Therefore, many parents think that children should not play with toys. In the view of most parents, playing with toys will only distract children's attention and make them indulge in playing instead of learning. But in fact, children play with toys is a very normal thing, children in the process of playing, but also learn a lot of new knowledge.

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The Benefits of Playing with Toys for Children

What many parents don't know is that learning in play is an important thing for children. In other words, for young children, parents don't have to deliberately let them learn too much, because young children have no interest in learning. What they want to do is play. In this age group, parents can buy a variety of educational toys for their children, such as wooden building blocks, wooden block puzzles and so on. In the process of playing with these toys, children will not only learn new knowledge, but also exercise their hands-on ability, creativity, imagination, etc. In addition, allowing children of low age to play with toys can also cultivate their interest in learning, so that they can seriously study after entering school. 


Children can not resist the charm of wooden animal toys, more because they think wooden rainbow toys can bring them happiness, and in fact, wooden stacking toys can improve children's intelligence. In addition, adults and the elderly can also exercise their brains through wooden garden toys. Different kinds of toys have different functions. For example, educational toys can help children improve their intelligence and make them smarter. Sports toys can exercise children's hand-foot coordination ability. Secondly, children can give full play to their imagination and creativity in the process of playing with toys. Because the playing method of each kind of liberty wooden puzzles is not fixed, children can find new ways to play in the process of playing. Thirdly, playing toys with peers can also cultivate children's sense of teamwork, enhance communication with peers, and promote their interpersonal skills in the future.

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Therefore, toys can be used as a supplementary education tool. Research by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) shows that integrating toys into family education and guiding children to use toys reasonably can improve children's learning ability, executive ability, mathematical space ability and concentration ability. But when choosing toys, many parents choose them randomly and blindly. Most parents often don't know how to choose toys for their children. Some parents buy toys because their children like them, while others buy toys because of their appearance.


So parents can't ban their children from playing with toys. In fact, the toy itself in addition to the effect of play, there are many very unexpected effects.

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