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Why Do Children Play with Building Blocks

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Building blocks are probably the most basic toys, and when your kids find the fun of building and stacking, they can learn a lot. In addition to improving motor skills, playing with building blocks can also improve children's problem-solving ability. Building blocks are toys that have been around for centuries. They are definitely one of the best toys for children.

wooden building blocks for kids



Benefits of Blocks

When playing with large wooden building blocks, children's imagination can be improved. Your child will like to pile wooden building blocks for kids as high as possible and watch what happens when they knock them down. This is a way for young children to develop fine motor skills and explore concepts such as mathematics, geometry, problem solving and causality. Soon after they know the size, weight, shape and stability of the wooden stacking blocks, they will build cities with roads and bridges out of them.



Different Ways to Play Building Blocks

Tote and Carry

A 2-year-old may not be able to build impressive building structures, but they can move the small wooden blocks constantly, which teaches them weight and balance. Children quickly learn the concept of gravity as they playing with square wooden blocks.


Stack and Row

As they grow up, there will be more and more things that children can build with children's wooden blocks. For example, children can build simple buildings from blocks when they are 15 to 17 months old, and more complex things when they are 24 to 29 months old. In the process of playing with wooden blocks for toddlers, children can learn a lot about mathematics. For example, they will know that two square blocks of the same size will be joined together to form a rectangular block. 



Choose the Right Building Blocks

The best building blocks are open-ended, not those that must be used to construct specific objects. Foam blocks of different shapes, sizes and colors are the safest for children who are learning to throw things. Older children will prefer wooden rainbow blocks. Paper blocks are also popular and you can make them yourself. As children grow up, they think about more complex building blocks. 



How to Store Building Blocks

You can throw the blocks into a large container or stack them neatly on a shelf. If you have blocks of different shapes, you can use a construction paper guide to help your child stack them at clean-up time. You can have children put cars, dolls and other toys around the blocks.

wooden rainbow blocks



Rules for Building Blocks

There are many blocks in a set of blocks. When your children are young, you need to help them clean up the toys. You need to let your child learn to put the toys together after playing.


When children are playing with blocks, you need to remind them that they are not allowed to pile blocks above their heads. Otherwise, your child may stand on a chair to build blocks, which is very dangerous. If your child falls off the chair, it can cause serious damage to their health.

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