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Why Do Children Like to Rob Other Children's Toys?

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Perhaps, many parents may complain their children like to rob other children's toys, clearly their own toys are also many, but still like to scramble with others. In the eyes of parents, this is a very impolite thing, may worry about the children will develop a rude and unreasonable character.


In fact, it is not an unforgivable thing for children to rob attractive toys. It is quite normal for children to rob toys on their growth path, because children's limbs are fully developed before the brain. In the concept of children, it does not have the sense of not grabbing toys. Parents should learn how to change the phenomenon and help children establish the concept of ownership of goods.


3-6 years old is an important stage for children to establish ownership of goods. In the face of children's scramble for other's toys, parents' practice is very important, which directly determines whether children can form ownership rules in their minds.

rob attractive toys



Why do children like to scramble for toys?

First of all, we must comprehend why children compete for toys. Children's understanding of the world, including rules, is slowly established as children grow up. The same is true of children's self-consciousness, which starts to sprout when they are two years old. Before that, in the concept of children, they are the center of the world. They don't have any concept about the ownership of goods. They will have the following cognition.


Toys played = mine

Sometimes, we can see that when children go to play in other people's homes, when they are about to leave, we may find that they are holding the wooden animal toy or the small plastic ball that has been playing all the time and belongs to others. Actually, it's not the child's greed. The child just thinks that since I can play this toy in the afternoon, it's my own and I'll take it away naturally when I leave.


Favorite toys = mine

This kind of concept cognition is unreasonable in the eyes of adults, and even unreasonable. However, for children, there is nothing wrong with such a concept, because at this time, they are centered on themselves, so their preferences are naturally what they value most. Since they like it, they must get it.


Toys I played firstly = mine

This is easy to see in public places. For example, when parents take your children to play in the park, as long as your children firstly touch toys like the wood horse toy, other children will be not allowed to touch them.


When children appear in these situations, parents should guide your children to deepen the concept of belongings.



What should parents do?

Most children don't have a clear concept of ownership of goods, because many parents feel that their children are still young and don't need to talk to them too much. When they get older, they will understand naturally.

favourite wooden toy


When you go shopping with your child, when the child sees his favourite wooden toy and reaches for it, you also need to tell the child in time that the toys on the mall have a price. Before paying, these toys belong to the mall, not to him, so he can't take away the toys without paying.


It is also a good way for parents to prepare toys that they can play with other children. Many toys in our company are toys that can let multiple children play together, such as wooden kitchen toys, wood garden toys, wood toy houses and other Hape wooden toys.

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