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Why Do Childcare Experts Recommend Wooden Toys More?

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Wooden toys have a long history and are called "nature's toys" or "environmentally friendly toys". Wooden toys are mostly made of sustainable forest trees and have the texture of natural wood. Children can feel the touch of different wood grains through wooden toys. Contact with different wooden toys can help improve children’s touch and hand muscles, develop and stimulate the originality of children. Parenting experts from multiple agencies recommend that parents add wooden toy sets to their children’s toy selection. Why do parenting experts recommend wooden toys?

original wooden dolls house


Characteristics of wooden toys

1. The original wooden toys are very safe

Babies always like to stuff toys in their mouths, or take something to eat after playing with toys. Therefore, poor choice of toys may cause harm to the baby. Because raw wooden toys are made of natural materials and do not contain any industrial compounds, the material itself will not pose any threat to the safety of the baby.


2. The original wooden toys are not easy to damage

Starting from a few months, the baby likes to throw toys on the ground, bigger, he will deliberately beat the toy, or disassemble the toy, and the original wooden dolls house has the characteristics of not easy to break, therefore, choosing the original wooden toy can extend the toy life.


3. The original wooden toys can inspire the mind

At present, most of the original wooden toys on the market can be disassembled and assembled at will. Although each part looks very simple, these simple parts can be assembled in ever-changing patterns, which can better develop the baby's creativity and spatial logical thinking. Ability to better inspire the baby's mind.



The advantages of different types of wooden toys

1. The advantages of wooden toys for preschool education: While training the baby's inlay ability, practice big movements, train children's fine movements, inspire children to accurately understand shapes, numbers, and quantities, and then exercise muscle flexibility.


2. The advantages of wooden toys with wooden tools: This kind of toys mainly allows babies to understand and master the shape, color and structure of the tools, and to train infants and young children's actual hands-on operation ability and hand-eye coordination ability, and develop imagination. Improve infant's cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, and encourage children's sense of accomplishment.

wooden toy sets


3. The advantages of building block wooden toys: building block toys can stimulate the baby's hands-on interest, cultivate children's space imagination ability of reasonable combination and match, and let the baby know different colors and shapes; exercise the baby's hand-eye coordination ability.


4. Advantages of wooden toys for transportation toys: Based on the knowledge of the structure of trains, cars and various engineering vehicles, the baby can train its ability to assemble, drag and arrange, improve the awareness of hands-on and self-care ability, and Understand the transformation relationship between objects through assembly.


5. Advantages of puzzle wooden toys: It is composed of various forms of puzzles with rich content. Based on children's knowledge of the combination, division and recombination of graphics, they can exercise their independent thinking ability. At the same time, it cultivates patience and perseverance in infants and young children.


The above different types of wooden toys can be found on the hape-toy website. Welcome to bring your children to buy their favorite building block toys.

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