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Why Are Toys Important to Children's Development?

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There is a close relationship between children's growth and development and toys. Toys can not only attract children's attention, but also have important educational significance for the growth and development of babies.


Regardless of whether the child is healthy or not, toys are very important to the growth and development of children. Don't think that children are just obsessed with the world of playing with toys and cannot show their abilities. In fact, babies can learn a lot by playing with toys. The baby will play with toys through the five senses. These toys are not limited to the following categories: bath toys for toddlers, colorful plastic balls and plastic dolls for crafts.

colored wooden blocks


In addition, toys including plastic fruits toys and realistic plastic animals can also stimulate the imagination of babies, which play a very important role in cultivating their emotions and intelligence. In short, toys can be said to promote the healthy development of human nature.


Choose toys that children are interested in. We often say that interest is the best teacher. No matter how educational the design of the toy, how clever the design, how advanced the function, the most important thing is that children are interested. If a toy cannot attract children's attention and curiosity, no matter how good the design is, it will not help.


Not only should the image and character image of toys conform to the age characteristics of children, but they should also be exaggerated, cartoonish, and humorous. The colors of toys should also be colorful and full of visual changes, and guide children to recognize different colors and brightness in subtle ways. For example, wooden puzzle cube, colored wooden blocks and wooden rainbow blocks will meet the above requirements.

colorful plastic balls


Spatial thinking is one of the important mathematical thinking. Generally, children will realize the existence of space in about seven months. At that time, they like to throw things. Throwing things can cultivate children's spatial thinking. Children around 1 year old can buy some construction toys, such as plastic construction blocks, plastic ball jenga tower, and magnetic sheets. Children will recognize space and learn simple construction when playing with building blocks and magnetic tablets. This is good for children's spatial thinking.


In summary, different toys cultivate children's different abilities. No matter what type of toys you need, HAPE will provide you with more professional help. For details, please consult the following website.

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