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Why Are Toys Important in Children's Development?

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Toys play a very important role in children's development. They can constantly improve children's ability and skills to prepare for life. Children learn in games. Toys are an important tool for them to discover their living environment. They interact with the surrounding environment through toys, and get a lot of fun through toys, such as wooden espresso machine toy, wooden musical instruments for toddlers, etc. In general, toys play some important roles below in children's development.



1. Sports Skills

Through the exercise of children's fine activity ability and motor skills, children participate in sports activities through toys. For example, coloring and dressing dolls and so on, children are using their sense of touch and vision (fine motor skills). Sports toys such as tricycles or toy cars improve their athletic skills and invigorate health effectively.



2. Visual Development

Children's color vision can be well developed through toys. The development of children's color vision has a process. Two or three-year-old children can distinguish three primary colors, red, yellow and blue. In addition to these primary colors, three to four-year-old children can recognize orange, purple and other mixed colors. From the age of four, children can gradually distinguish some colors with different saturation, such as bright red and light red, dark green and light green.


Children's differentiation ability is poor when they perceive things, and it is difficult to recognize the objects they need among many things. But toys can show various parts of objects in different colors, so that children can easily identify by color.



3. Emotional Development

Toys can improve children's creativity and help them express their emotions (both internal and external). Whether it is role play or   wooden toy figures, children have the opportunity to imagine familiar situations (such as a day on the farm, going to the hospital, etc.), or to create fantasy worlds (such as action figures, science fiction world, etc.) that make children full of abstraction. Toys in shape and sound also promote children to actively develop cognition, causing happy emotions. For example, some cartoon animations and dolls, such as Russian wooden doll, Barbie wooden doll house are kind and humorous, which can promote children to develop positive and good emotions.



4. Social Development

In addition to improving children's language skills, toys also teach them social skills. Playing with toys is the foundation of children's future interpersonal interaction ability. Children are not able to interact with other people when they are very young. They play with toys first, which is actually the beginning of interaction. Until later, he and his parents and other children played with toys, shared toys and interacted with each other. The simple act of playing with another child allows them to experience situations where important lessons need to be learned, such as respect, cooperation, and sharing. Toys, such as wooden light up dolls house, children’s wooden shop stall, etc., can also stimulate children's enthusiasm, let them learn to negotiate, and teach them how to better organize and cooperate with each other.



5. Cognitive Development

Toys promote children's cognitive development by stimulating their attention and memory abilities (such as trivial pursuit unhinged, abacus toys for toddlers, etc.), and endow them with the ability to solve problems creatively, which is the key to their future autonomy. In the process of operating toys, children will practice a variety of large and small muscle movement skills, but also improve the development of their cognitive ability. For example, let the child be familiar with what he will encounter in the future growth process (for example, to know animals through Japanese wooden dolls), so that he can have a chance to preview first, and then he will not be ostracized because of strangeness when he really meets. In fact, these are related to learning how to take care of their own self-care ability in the future, which can also be regarded as a kind of preparation for future life.



6. Observe and Find Out Whether the Child Has Development Obstacles in Time

In addition, parents can also observe their children's reaction to toys to see if their children encounter obstacles in development. If early detection and treatment is made, the missing of the golden period of treatment can be avoided.


Therefore, toys, such as wooden baby toys, play a very important role in children's development, which must not be ignored.

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