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Why Are Simple Wooden Toys Best for Your Child?

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Your child may be attracted by the most gorgeous, expensive and uniquely shaped toys, while those classic wooden toys have been ignored. Personally, I suggest that you should occasionally consider simple wooden toys with basic packaging.


In practice, there are more types of plastic toys than wooden ones. The reasons are as follows: one is because there are many kinds of plastic materials, easy to shape, rich in color, and light, suitable for mass production; second, because wooden toys are expensive and heavy, under normal circumstances, fine toys cannot be made. Children are especially fond of brightly colored plastic toys, such as plastic safari animals, plastic toy pots and pans and plastic robot toys.

brightly colored plastic toys


Although there are more plastic toys for children on the market, as a responsible parent, wooden toys still have irreplaceable functions and benefits.


Natural health is one of the characteristics of wooden toys. The latest wooden parts hardly have any major commercial publicity, but its market prospects are very broad. Wooden toys can stimulate children's hands-on interest and cultivate children's awareness of reasonable combination and spatial imagination. The clever drag design exercises children's walking ability and encourages children's sense of creative accomplishment. Wooden toys are durable and biodegradable. High-quality, environmentally friendly wooden toys also do not contain PVC, phthalates or similar chemicals used in plastic toys. However, cheap wood is generally of poor quality, and its safety cannot be guaranteed.


The Raw Material Advantages of Wooden Toys

Most of its raw materials come from natural sources. Compared with other toys, it has less chemical substances. It is both green and environmentally friendly. It smells carefully and contains a light wood fragrance. Solid wooden toys allow you to remain eco-friendly even when you are on a budget.


Because of the diversity of wood materials, the selection of wooden toys is also flexible and changeable, so there are many kinds of wooden toys, the patterns have changed from the original monotony, and most of the products are countless.


Wooden toys not only look light and exquisite, but they are also affordable and colorful. They are easy to operate and are very popular among parents, friends and children.


Wooden toys benefit from the natural raw materials and are easy to clean and maintain. The harm is small, especially suitable for children to play.


Functional Advantages of Wooden Toys


The main function of wooden toys is to allow children to improve the coordination of hands and feet, hand-eye coordination and other physical functions. For example, when a child builds a box of building blocks into a figure, in addition to using his mind, he also needs to cooperate with his hands. Such building blocks include large wooden building blocks, wooden block cube puzzle and rainbow building blocks, etc. Therefore, toys are of great benefit to children's muscle activity and physical function development.

electric train for wooden tracks


Dragging wooden toys, such as wooden farm animal toys, can improve the cognitive ability of babies. According to different drag animals, let them know the different characteristics of various animals, and exercise the baby's ability to walk in a wide range.


The advantages of wooden toys for transportation toys: Based on a certain understanding of the structure of trains, cars and various engineering vehicles, babies can train their abilities to assemble, drag and organize, and improve their hands-on awareness and self-care ability. And understand the transformation relationship between objects through assembly. For example, wooden trains for toddlers and electric train for wooden tracks are two popular styles.

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