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Why Are Other People's Toys More Fun Than Your Own?

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A mother asked Hape Toy: a 2-year-old boy always likes to ask for toys from other people's children. If he doesn't get it, he will cry. What should she do? When it comes to toys, many mothers are choked: there are many toys at home, such as wooden dolls house, army men toys, crayola bath crayons, wooden train tracks, etc., but they are only interested in other children's toys. Do you know the reasons?

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Why children prefer other people's toys?

In fact, young babies are full of curiosity, watching and playing with their own things all day, and it is inevitable that they will be aesthetically tired. They always want to see what other people's plastic animal toys look like and if they are more fun than their own. Moreover, babies of this age are all self-centered, so mothers do not need to be too anxious about this behavior of their children.



How to solve the problem that children prefer other people's toys?

First of all, tell your baby: "This is someone else's toy. You can't take it or ask for it without his permission. If you want to play, ask him if you want to play it." If the other party does not agree, you can use it. Other toys distract children, such as: "Let’s go play on the slide over there." or "Your favorite wooden horse has been repaired, don’t you want to ride it?" If the child is still reluctant, crying and rolling, take him away from the scene. At this time, mothers must control their emotions and must not be anxious just because the child cries. At the same time, children's emotions should be accepted. The mother needs to be reminded that what is accepted is the child's emotions, not the behavior. Therefore, for the unreasonable requirements of the baby, we should not lose the principle and disorder the rules because of distress.

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Secondly, when going out to play, you can bring one or two wooden train sets to your children. In this way, when he sees other children's toys, you can tell him: If you really want to play with other people's toys, you can exchange your own toys. "I have a wooden toy car, can we change to play?" Guide the baby to learn to interact with others and solve problems.


Lastly, If the child wants toys in public places, such as early childhood education centers and outdoor wooden playhouse, the mother must teach the baby how to wait, line up in the order, and wait for other children to play. Specific approach. When playing with children, mothers should also consciously set an example of imitation for their babies. For example, say to him: "Let's play together." "You play first, and then you will play with us later, okay?" Let him gradually imitate and gradually become part of his successful communication experience. In this process, children will gradually learn the skills of expression and communication, and negative behaviors will be improved accordingly.


If the above methods are helpful to you, please forward them to more people in need.

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