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What's the Most Suitable Toy to Buy for Children During the New Year?

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Every child is eager to receive a surprise gift in the New Year. However, according to a survey of gifts, more than half of children are not satisfied with the gifts given by their parents, and some children leave them alone after playing for two days. Therefore, how to choose the right gift for children is a very difficult thing.


So how to choose a gift? We can choose from the angle of age, character and development. Here are some suitable toys for children of different ages.



Gifts for Babies Before 1 Year Old


Before the age of 1, babies are full of curiosity about the world. They perceive everything in the outside world in various ways. When choosing toys for them, try to develop their sports ability, train their perception, stimulate their imagination and arouse their curiosity.


Parents can choose: baby rattles, creeping mats, baby bites, books made of cloth and small plastic balls.

small plastic balls




Gifts for Babies about 2 Years Old


Children in this age group can walk and become more active. It is a period of rapid development of feeling, perception, attention and memory. We can combine the children's walking and intellectual development to choose toys that can be dragged and sound.


Parents can choose: wooden walker for toddlers, wooden threading beads for toddlers, wooden shape sorter toys, music boxes and so on.



Gifts for Babies about 3 Years Old


3-year-old is the age when babies fully display their curiosity and action power. Therefore, babies at this age are generally active and full of problems, so that parents are required to guide their children's interest.


We can choose wooden building blocks and wooden puzzles for kids, which are very helpful to further improve the baby's grasp, base and classification skills.



Gifts for Babies about 4-6 Years Old


Children of this age stage, basically have been in kindergarten, with limb coordination ability further developing and stronger thinking ability. They began to show some personal interest, and they are very active, like to play with a variety of cartoon toys, very interested in making things, such as wooden animal dominoes, wooden scooter for toddlers and bicycles. Or choose toys that can enrich baby's life experience, cultivate various skills and develop baby's intelligence, including wooden play kitchens, all kinds of transportation toys and so on.

wooden building blocks



Gifts for Babies about 6-9 Years Old


At this stage, children begin to classify things according to different standards, and can better use reading, writing and simple arithmetic skills in the game. Even if it's sewing, knitting, weaving, ceramics, making jewelry suits and other activities, they can operate well. Its a good choice about assembled toys. According to the instructions, they can assemble complex components of architectural toys, three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles, and self-designed model manufacturing toys, etc. Books about animals, nature, space, planets, appeal, magic are also books they will like.



Gifts for Babies about 10-12 Years Old

Children at this stage gradually develop different personalities and interests. They are interested in reading, science, computers, handicrafts, building models, collecting things, formal art training, performance, sports and competitive games. You can choose some related toys for them, such as manipulation toys, sports equipment, reading books and so on.

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