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What is Styrofoam Toy?

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Now many children's toys are made of styrofoam. Styrofoam has good plasticity, so styrofoam toys can attract children. Because styrofoam is soft, it won't scratch children, so many parents will buy this toy. However, styrofoam is a chemical, it is harmful to children's health, the following content introduces the shortcomings of styrofoam toys. 

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Disadvantages of Styrofoam Toys

Styrofoam has a certain toxicity, so parents had better not buy styrofoam toys for children. Styrofoam is a kind of adhesive with foaming and bonding properties. It is mainly used for filling, sealing and bonding of door and window side joints, component expansion joints and holes. It is a kind of polyurethane elastic sealing foam material cured by moisture. Styrofoam is composed of polyurethane prepolymer, foaming agent, catalyst, cross-linking agent, etc. filled into a high-pressure iron tank, and filled with propane and other gases. When the material is ejected from the aerosol tank, the foamed polyurethane material expands rapidly and solidified with the moisture in the air or the contact matrix to form a foam. After curing, styrofoam has many kinds of effects, such as sealing, bonding, sealing, heat insulation and sound absorption. It is a kind of building material with environmental protection, energy-saving and convenient use. Because of its good plasticity, some toy manufacturers use it to make toys. The main material of styrofoam is polyurethane, which is also the main component of paint. Therefore, styrofoam is a kind of toxic material, and the environment must be ventilated when using. Although the styrofoam toy has a unique shape, parents should not buy it for their children. It is suggested that parents buy wooden barbie houses, wooden animal toys, wooden stacking toys, wooden rainbow toys, wooden alphabet puzzles and so on. These toys not only do not harm children's health, but also help them grow up.


Toys are essential for children's growth, so the quality of toys will directly affect the growth and health of children. Styrofoam toys attract a large number of children through their novel appearance, but they do harm to children's health. When parents buy toys for their children, they must carefully check the quality of toys and do not buy products with poor quality. In addition to styrofoam toys, there are many toys on the market that can cause harm to children's health. It is suggested that parents should not buy products containing too many chemicals when buying toys. It is better to buy toys that can help children grow up. Parents can buy wooden baby rattles, wooden animal puzzles, wooden noahs ark toys, wooden plane toys and organic wooden toys. When children play with these toys, their coordination ability, thinking ability, sports ability and creativity will be improved. Moreover, these toys generally do not contain toxic chemicals, so children's health will not be threatened. 

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The above content introduces the shortcomings of styrofoam toys. Styrofoam is originally a kind of building material, but some toy manufacturers use it to make toys in order to save costs, which seriously endangers children's health. When buying toys, parents must not buy products containing styrofoam, otherwise your children may suffer from various diseases.

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