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What are the Principles of Display in a Toy Store and How to Decorate a Toy Store?

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The principle of display in a toy store


For children, toys are indispensable in childhood, so the market prospect of toys has been very good. When opening a toy store, we should not only pay attention to the site selection and decoration of these basic operations, but also pay attention to the placement and display of toy stores. There are certain principles of display in a toy store. What are the principles of display in a toy store? Let's take a look!


Principle 1: Using the principle of space

In shopping malls, counters always worth much, no matter how large the toy store area is, it is usually about ten or twenty square meters when allocated to each counter. The props that the market uses to display generally are: high cabinets, single side cabinets, game tables, billing desks. Purchasing props reasonably for their own has become the best way to save and use the counter space. At present, the height of the island cabinet in the shopping mall is generally 1.3 meters, and the height of the wall cabinet is generally 2.4 meters or so.

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Principle 2: Conform to the principle of style

A brand must have its own positioning, and the style can show the essence of the product. At present, more and more toy chain brands will spend a lot of money on the theme demonstration and boutique display of their products in their own stores, in order to better reflect the characteristics and selling points of their products, arouse the resonance of consumers. As for the brand Hape, they always put their most attractive and adorable toys such as wooden playhouse with slide, wooden barbie house, wooden castle toys in the front of their stores to attract consumers.


Principle 3: The principle of horizontal or vertical prices

The advantage of such a display is that it is convenient for consumers to quickly find products according to the price. For example, when selling toy products, a brand is set up on each shelf: from 199 yuan to 299 yuan, etc. You can put toys of Hape such as wooden plane toys, wooden fruit toys, wooden little people on the same shelf.


The above is the analysis of some toy store display principles, in a word, not only is the display is very important, counter design, aisle width and narrow, lighting, these series of arrangements should be done as humanized as possible, so as to set up shop steadily and obtain profits.



How to decorate a toy store


1. Brand

When decorating toy stores, brand products can be used to strengthen customer impressions. Brand plays a very important role in strengthening customer impressions. The purpose of repeated application in the decoration process is to deepen customer memory.


2. Color

As for the toy shop decoration design, it is suggested to choose bright colors. You can also display brightly colored toys such as wooden Hape cube puzzle, wooden unicorn toy. In the color selection, it is suggested to consider the coordination of decoration color and toy collocation, so as to shape the characteristics of their own store. For example, you can paint a rainbow on the wall to cooperate with the wooden rainbow toy, or you can paint the wall pink in order to create an atmosphere for the fairy town train set.

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3. Floor decoration

The floor decorated in a toy shop is suggested to choose the cork floor, it can effectively prevent harm to children. Also, beware of sharp displays in toy stores to prevent unsafe conditions.


The above is about how to decorate the toy store, after understanding the above content, I believe you have a general understanding of how to decorate the toy shop. It is suggested that if there is no experience in toy shop decoration design, it is best to ask a professional designer to do a specific plan before construction, listen as much as possible to designers and those who have experience in toy store decoration design.

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