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What are the Effects of Sand Table Toys on Children's Psychological Growth?

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Nowadays, more and more toys play an extremely important role in children's growth. For example, wooden educational toys can promote the development of children's intelligence, wooden musical toys can promote the development of children's artistic cells, and wooden kitchen toys can enhance children's life experience. Today, let's talk about the effect of sand table toys on children's growth.


Sandplay, also known as sandplay therapy, is accompanied by therapists. It allows clients to freely select small molds from the shelves where various miniature molds (toys) are placed, and place them in a specially made container (sand table) containing fine sand to create some scenes, and then the therapist uses Jung's "mental image" theory to analyze the client's works.


Based on the unconscious theory of psychoanalysis, sandplay therapy pays attention to empathy and induction, plays an archetypal and symbolic role in Sandplay, and realizes the comprehensive effect of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, which is the basic feature of sandplay therapy.

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The Role of Sandplay in Promoting Children's Psychological Growth


1. The sand table game can promote children's intellectual development. Touching sand can promote children's tactile development, and toys of various colors can promote children's visual development. And the development of touch and vision will promote the development of the brain, and then promote the development of children's intelligence.


2. It also can enhance children's creativity. Turning the sand can make different shapes of mountains and rivers and placing various plastic toys can form a variety of scenes. These activities are undoubtedly of great help to the promotion of children's creativity.


3. Sandplay can help parents understand their children's psychology. The sand table made by children is just the display of children's inner state. With certain psychological knowledge and skills, the tutor can understand children's psychology, and can convey this psychology to parents, so as to help parents know more about their children.


4. This sand table playing can solve some problems in children's growth. Under the guidance of professional teachers, sandplay can solve children's problems such as aggression, hyperactivity, introversion, timidity and interpersonal difficulties.


5. Sandplay can promote children's physical and mental harmony. Sandplay is a kind of psychological expression technology. Every scene made by children is the expression of their heart. Through such expression, children's inner order is sorted out, personality development is promoted and psychological level is improved.

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From the above we can see that sand table toys have a positive role in promoting the growth of children.


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