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What Toys Are Suitable for Infants of All Ages?

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For little babies, toys are not dispensable. Although children can also get pleasure and growth from daily necessities, toys, such as solid wooden toys, which has been strictly designed and tested by a large number of infants and young children, can bring more safety, aesthetic fun and scientific growth experience to children, such as Barbie wooden doll house, wooden Ferris wheel toy, etc.

 solid wooden toys


1. Selection Principle of Toys

Select toys for infants from the perspectives of the design concept, playability and safety.


(1) It should have bright colors and shapes. Try not to have that kind of toy which is small and easy to be put into the mouth.


(2) Small hands should be easy to grasp and lift.


(3) Toys should be able to be moved and be easy for children to learn to crawl, walk and other skills, as well as produce elegant music. But noisy sound photoelectric toys are not very especially recommended.


(4) It should have appropriate sensory stimulation, from soft to hard, or elastic, which allows children to experience different materials.


(5) Do not have to worry too much about the educational effect of toys on infants. For example, it is absolutely unnecessary to have Montessori teaching aids or something.



2. Some Toys Suitable for Infants of All Ages

(1) 0-4 Months, It Is Suggested to Start with Black and White Penguins

For 0-4 months, this stage is the black and white period of visual development. Children at this stage can only see black and white, and the range of vision is only 20-30 cm. So the most suitable toy for this stage is the black and white penguin, for example, Danish black-and-white handmade pendants ‘chatting penguins’. When children grow up to two years old, a set of color ones can be considered.


(2) Four Months Later, Teething Needs a Gutta-Percha

The teething period of some little baby is painful and itchy, and they become particularly fond of biting people. At this time, a lot of gutta-percha can be bought. Put it in the refrigerator or cold water before its utilization. Children love to bite it.


(3) After Nine Months, the Baby Can Crawl - the Bell with Rolling Ball

When children learn to crawl and walk, the bell with a rolling ball is very convenient to use and cheap. It can help children learn to walk without fear and learn happily, as well as Hape ball run.


(4) The Favorite after One and a Half Years Old - Crayon

After one and a half years old, crayons can be bought for babies. The best raw material is beeswax, which is called edible crayon. Crayons can make them love painting quickly.


(5) Simple Electric Toy with Light and Music

In short, this toy has one or more buttons. If the button is pressed, the toy will have light or sound, which can help the baby to strengthen the relationship of causal cognition and music encouragement. Four or five months can be appropriate for the baby to play with these toys. The most important thing for this kind of toys is that the light should not be too strong and the sound should not be too harsh. If there is a button on the toy to adjust the volume, it is recommended to turn down the volume before giving it to the baby.

 Toy with Light and Music

(6) Cultivate Fine Motor Ability, Hand-eye Coordination Ability and Cognitive Ability - Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle with Small Handle

It is suggested that when babies learn to point things with their index fingers, such wooden puzzles as 3D wooden puzzle, wooden puzzle cube, and even magnetic maze puzzle can be bought for them.


(7) Sensory Stimulation and Fine Movement, Cognitive Size and Thinking and Memory Ability - Stacked Cup and Rainbow Circle

When the baby is more than 5 months old, he likes to knock things and push down the stacked things. Stacked cup, rainbow circle, wooden stacking dolls and so on can help the baby deepen this aspect of cognition. When the cup is stacked or the circle is put, it must be done from big to small. To do so, the baby should have cognitive size, logical thinking ability and memory ability. It is not until 18 months old that the general baby has these abilities. So this is also a product with a long service life.


(8) Dulcimer

The dulcimer is suitable for babies with a smooth grip and stable shoulder strength. Percussion can exercise the wrist control force and practice the method of turning the wrist, and it is not easy to knock accurately, which requires hand-eye coordination. Babies more than 9 months can play it. Music toys with wooden top with string also make no difference.


(9) Building Blocks of Various Materials

For example, wooden baby blocks.


(10) Rotating Gear

The packaging of rotary gear toys is generally recommended for children over two or three years old to enlighten the mechanical principle. When the baby grows up a little, he can be taught to put together the gear combination. It absolutely can be played until the baby enters kindergarten.


Of course, no matter what the toy is, the most classic and most important thing is the mother's company and care.

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