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What Toys Are Suitable for Children Over 5 Years Old

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Toys play an important role in the growth of children. For children, toys can be used not only to accompany them through boring time, but also to help develop their intelligence. There are many kinds of wooden educational toys, and the quality of each kind of toy is not the same, so choosing the 3D wooden puzzles suitable for children is a concern of many parents. Good wooden building blocks can inspire children's natural imagination, creativity and practical ability. It can be said that good educational toys can act as the first enlightenment teacher for children. So what toys should children over 5 years play with? 

wooden toys for children



Rubik's Cube

Rubik's cube was invented in 1974. It was originally used as a teaching tool to help students enhance their spatial thinking ability. Restoring a disturbed cube is not a simple thing. As more and more people know Rubik's cube, its commercial potential has also been improved, some manufacturers began to produce Rubik's cube and use it as a wooden puzzle box. For a long time, Rubik's cube was regarded as a kind of wooden toys for children. After that, Professor Jessica Fridrich invented the Rubik's cube CFOP fast solution, which greatly improved the speed of people's restoring Rubik's cube. Since people are more and more interested in Rubik's cube, some new types of Rubik's cube have been invented. Ordinary Rubik's cube is a third-order cube, and more complex Rubik's cube such as fourth-order Rubik's cube and fifth-order Rubik's cube have also appeared in the market. Parents can buy different kinds of Rubik's cube for their children according to their ability.


Rubik's cube can help children exercise spatial thinking ability, memory ability and reaction ability. In addition, parents can also let their children participate in Rubik's cube competition or Rubik's cube club, so that children can make new friends.



Building Block Toy

Building block toys need children to build according to a certain structure. When children play with building blocks, they need to consider how to arrange and connect blocks. This can not only help children develop their intelligence, but also exercise their hand-eye coordination ability. In addition, some building blocks also have circuits, which children can build by themselves according to the instructions. These wooden letter blocks are more difficult. If children are tired of ordinary wooden blocks for kids, they can choose these high difficulty square wooden blocks.

wooden letter blocks



Jigsaw Toys

Jigsaw toys can deepen children's understanding of shapes. When playing with wooden puzzle cubes, children can also learn new knowledge from the patterns on the jigsaw toys. Some jigsaw toys are printed with pictures of some animals, such as ducks, tigers, elephants, etc. Some of the brain teaser wooden puzzles are printed with some fruit patterns, such as apples, bananas, pears, etc. These blocks with patterns can let children learn some basic life knowledge. In addition, there are some jigsaw toys printed with some simple mathematical formulas, which can help children learn mathematics better. Moreover, the price of jigsaw toys is relatively low, which is a kind of educational toys with high cost performance. 

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