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What Preparation Is Needed to Run a Daycare Center?

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With people’s emphasis on early childhood education, more and more daycare centers appear in major cities. Whether you are operating a small family daycare or a large one, joining a childcare brand requires a lot of investment, and you need a lot of daycare supplies to attract parents and children, such as children's educational toys, hands-on wooden toys, storybooks and comic strips. So entrepreneurs attach great importance to how to operate daycare centers and make daycare centers quickly profitable. The following Hape family will give you a detailed introduction.

hands-on wooden toys


Products needed for daycare


Safety Products

Ensuring the safety of your children is your top priority. A good list of daily care supplies includes first aid kits, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency preparedness kits, and emergency plans. Be sure to check your local government’s emergency preparedness guidelines to ensure you meet all legal requirements.


cleaning supplies

Sanitation is also an issue that we need to consider. You need to store cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, and hand sanitizer for your nursery or daycare center, and make a plan to disinfect wooden toys and furniture regularly. Certain plastic toys in daycare require daily cleaning.


Furniture and equipment

Your childcare center will need appropriately sized furniture for different functional areas, for older children, you will also need tables and chairs, and for younger children, you will need high chairs or cribs. Of course, a nap mat or crib and a step stool in the bathroom are essential. For your play area, you need different kinds of wooden dolls houses, toy building blocks, paw patrol bath toys, etc. to meet the needs of children of different ages.


Find the right employee

Daycare teachers are the foundation of the development of daycare centers. Daycare operators must find employees who are suitable for business development and who love education. When hiring employees, we must look at whether the person really likes early education, really loves children, whether he has a sense of responsibility, whether he has a good sense of service, whether he can use different army toy sets or childrens wooden playhouses to guide young children. On these foundations, focus on whether this person is full of passion and whether they will devote themselves to work.

toy building blocks


Focus on course quality and all-round service content

The current early education brands, whether domestic or international, all have their own curriculum system with their own characteristics, but what kind of experience and exercise the curriculum can give parents and children depends on the presentation and guidance of teachers. On the other hand, each child is an independent individual, and there is no one size fits all for the education of the child. For the same curriculum, we must also pay attention to the reaction and acceptance of different children and provide targeted guidance. Around the development of children, the early education center should provide children with opportunities to experience and exercise.


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