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What Makes A Toy a Montessori Toy?

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If we can be overstimulated by the abundance of toys and activities, can you imagine what that experience would be like for your children? With too many colored expanding plastic balls and too much noise around, they may feel overwhelmed. So, what guidelines can you use when choosing a toy for your child?


Montessori philosophy provides incredible wisdom on this stage and uses thousand hours to study the reactions and needs of children in their environment.

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5 features of Montessori toys:


1. Montessori toys are simple


It's best to give your children some simple processed plastic toys. Your child is trying to make sense of the beautiful world. They learn best when you give them information with organized system.


For example, a simple plastic building toys with a triangle, a circle, and a square painted in three different colors will give your toddler information about the shape of the organization. These are three basic geometries, and when they took the pieces out and put them to one side, they understood the relationship between the three. When there is too much information in a flamingo toys plastic, children cannot abstract away the basic elements of activity.


2.Montessori toys are based on reality


Until the age of six, your child's brain is relatively incapable of distinguishing between imagination and reality. In order for them to develop their true imagination and establish a secure relationship with their world, they need to first understand what the world is really like. Let  children play realistic plastic animals about real things: tigers in the rain forest, not driving in cars.


3.Montessori toys are made of natural materials


Parents should choose wooden activity centre made from natural materials whenever possible. A rattle made of wood or metal will give your child more information than a plastic toy. The metal is cold at first, then gradually warms up in their hands. Plastic, on the other hand, always has the same temperature or no taste. Similarly, metal and wood provide a fun weight when your child is playing with puzzles, balls and similar toys. Their feeling and weight vary according to size, but plastic toy army tanks often needs a size change in order to make a significant weight change.



4. Montessori materials are functional and constructive


All the wooden outdoor toys parents give their children should involve them in action. Good toys are good for children's development, allowing them to explore and participate in their own wishes and decisions. Adults' sense of entertainment is also not that of passive bystanders, they manipulate, build and interact, and learn about their world and abilities.

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5. Montessori offers limited options


When it comes to giving your child limited choices by setting up their toys, there are too many choices that are overwhelming and unsatisfactory. They have a hard time deciding what they want to play with or getting them to stick with it once they've chosen a dumbo plastic toy. Instead of focusing on the toy and fully enjoying its purpose and value, they move from toy to toy, creating confusion and losing interest in the toy's feelings. The ideal number of toys will increase with the age of the child, but will depend on their personality.


In this modern world, we have so many choices that it is increasingly difficult to choose beautiful plastic chain toys that are appropriate for children's needs and meet their developmental needs. Using some guidance can help parents make educated decisions about their children's toy choices.

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