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What Kind of Toys Are Suitable for Children?

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Now, the performance of mobile phones is getting better and better, the games on mobile phones are becoming more and more, and the attraction of toys is becoming lower and lower. Although children like to play with mobile phones, it does not mean that mobile phones are the best toys for children. So what kind of toys can cultivate children's creative thinking? The answer is open-ended toys.

wooden blocks for toddlers



What Are Open-ended Toys?

Open-ended toys refer to toys with many ways to play. When children play with this kind of toy, their imagination and creativity can be well exercised. Common open-ended toys are wooden toy blocks, large wooden building blocks, wooden blocks for toddlers, etc. Children can build these toys into any shape they like. In this process, children can learn a lot of new knowledge. 



Characteristics of Open-ended Toys

Relatively speaking, the simpler the toy, the more ways children can play. An electronic toy that can emit light and sound can be very attractive to children at first, and children will find it interesting. But after a while, the children lose interest. But when children play with colored wooden blocks, they can build blocks into their favorite shapes according to their own interests and moods. Children can build blocks into buildings or cars. The natural wooden block is a simple open-ended toy, but it has many ways to play. Children will not lose interest in it after playing for a long time.


Open-ended toys are passive, passive toys can stimulate children's initiative and creativity. Parents want their children to have interests and hobbies, and they want them to stay focused on something. But parents often find that children can only maintain a high degree of concentration when playing with mobile phones, tablets and watching TV. Electronic products keep children focused because sound and light strongly stimulate children's senses, which is a typical passive focus. 


To be actively focused, children must be completely dominant in the process of playing. These toys, such as classic wooden blocks and vintage wooden puzzles, will not guide children like electronic toys. When children play with these toys, they need to use their hands and brains. For example, if a child wants to build a car out of blocks, he or she must now think about what the car looks like and then build it step by step. Children's imagination will be improved in the process. 

wooden toy blocks


Open-ended toys are suitable for children of all ages. Take the best wooden blocks, for example. By the age of 3, children can play with blocks to improve their hand flexibility and learn different colors. When children are 10 years old, they can use lakeshore wooden blocks to build more complex things, such as tall buildings, robots, etc. Even when children are adults, they can still use the building blocks as toys to pass time and relax. 


In addition, building blocks are a safe toy. Large blocks are designed for children of low age, while small rainbow building blocks are designed for children of high age. This is because younger children tend to put blocks in their mouths, which can cause airway blockage. 

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