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What Kind of Toy Is A Good Toy?

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What kind of toys is better for children to play? Parents are not very clear about their choice of toys. So how do you choose a toy for your child? What kind of toy is best for him? Toys that allow children to use their brains are good toys.

wooden toy blocks


Building Blocks

Undoubtedly, common building block toys include wooden toy blocks, vintage plastic building blocks and so on. This type of toy has the following advantages:


1. The particles of the toy can massage the palm of the hand.


There are many acupuncture points on our palms. By playing with this kind of building block toys, children can get a certain degree of massage on their hands. This is good for the child's body. But be careful not to let children eat smaller toys by accident. Like some young children, wooden baby blocks can be used.


2. Building blocks can exercise children's creativity.


We all know that the blocks we bought at the beginning were a bunch of scattered pieces, and the toys would have some instructional drawings. The child can start to build blocks according to the instructional drawings, and then gradually get used to it and start to use his imagination to build some scenes. This also involves some parents' guidance on children's creation and imagination.


3. If the guidance is in place, children can also learn to pack things.


Because the building block parts are relatively scattered, children often get scattered toys everywhere. So if we have time and energy, we can guide the children to clean up the toys after playing with the building blocks. Some 4 to 6-year-old children can use large wooden blocks to cater to their needs.


Every time the child plays with the building blocks, we let him clean up the toys by himself. Which parts are put in which box? How to divide the size? And tell him to consider how it will be more convenient when playing next time. It can train children to form a good habit of tidying up things.


Bean Toys


This kind of toys will test children's concentration problems. Especially if the children at home are not able to concentrate enough, this type of toy is very suitable. Bean toys can be done according to the pictures, or let the children use their imagination to do it. Flowers, animals, characters, cartoons, etc. can all be made by spelling beans. For example, plastic bubble toys, plastic animals and plastic hamburger toys are more popular with children.


Because bean-spelling requires equipment such as iron, if you want to get your child’s bean-spelling art out, you need to assist your child in ironing.


Bean toys require more concentration, so children may be easier to give up when they first touch them, so parents should guide communication more at this time.

wooden baby blocks


Wooden Toys


Most of its raw materials come from natural sources, which are both green and environmentally friendly. It smells careful and also contains a light wood fragrance. The varieties and patterns of wooden toys have also changed from the original monotony, and there are more than 100 kinds of products. Wooden toys not only look light and exquisite, but they are also affordable and colorful. They are easy to operate and are very popular among parents, friends and children. And another major feature is that it is less harmful and especially suitable for children to play. Wooden play kitchen, wooden truck and wooden educational toys are all popular toys. While cultivating children's hands-on ability, it can increase the affection between children and their parents and develop intelligence.


In addition to these categories, there are many educational toys on the market that are very good. But you must pay attention when choosing toys, and don't buy toys with inferior materials. Because the child is in direct contact, and the child's own body resistance is not high. So we have to buy genuine toys even if they are slightly more expensive.

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