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What Is the Best Material for A Baby Toy?

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For children at different age growth stage, the toy company's time can not only strengthen the exploration of the world, also can increase their life fun, so the material of the toy is essential for children’s growth and development.



What is the best material for baby toys?


1.Silica gel. Silicone is very similar to the pacifier used by many babies. It feels very soft. So don't worry about the damage caused by toys during play. At the same time, if the silica gel is cleaned in time, there will not be too much bacterial contamination, because many babies will often put toys in their mouths, so inconvenient cleaning toy materials are not suitable for babies to play.

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2. Plastic. Most of the processed plastic toys made of plastic material will be very light, the baby will not have any pressure to hold, at the same time, the plastic playset for toddlers are easy to clean and disinfect, and will not bring the baby any hidden danger of disease, the plastic itself also has different softness, is not easy to hurt the baby's skin and body in the process of playing. But try to choose high-quality toys.


3. Observe the verification and description of the toy itself. Because the current testing of infant-related products is very strict, the baby's plastic doll making will be tested and verified in different ways, which will make a very strict screening of the baby's toy quality. It will screen out many toys that will harm the baby. Therefore, when choosing plastic squishy tube toys, observation and verification is also a choice. 



What are the characteristics of children's toy material selection?


1.Whether to start from the interest of children. Interest is the child's best teacher. No matter how educational, clever or advanced a toy is, it is important to interest children. If you can't attract their attention and curiosity, no good design will help. Not only the image of my very own custom kitchen should conform to the age characteristics of young children, but also the color of toys should be colorful and full of visual changes, so as to guide children to identify different colors and shades in playing. Of course, the color should not be too dazzling, as soft as possible, or play plastic lobster toy for a long time is easy to cause visual fatigue.


2.Whether can develop the child's intelligence. A toy must have the intelligence, let children exercise their skills and improve their intelligence in playing. The characteristics of wooden sensory toys can be reflected in several aspects: first, the same toy has several ways to play, the player can constantly develop new ways to play, to avoid boring; Second, the toy itself can give the child a lot of imagination and creation space, can attract the child's attention for a long time, not to play for a few minutes and then throw it away then no longer want to play; The third is to be connected with the actual life of the child, in the process of playing with baby activity cube wooden can train the basic life skills.

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3. Whether it is an unformed toy. An unformed toy refers to a variety of natural objects and waste materials used for making toys or directly acting as game materials, such as small bottles, sticks, tiles, old wires, small cloth strips, etc. First of all, unformed wooden number blocks can give full play to children's imagination and creativity. Shaped toys are so fixed that the child can directly replace one object with another, such as a toy car instead of a real bus. Unformed toys, on the other hand, require a child to re-create and recombine things in the same way as a toy. Like a twig, a child can use it as a gun, an arrow, a cudgel, a crutch, an oar, etc. An egg shell, with crayon painting a few times, became a tumbler, little doll; Put a stick in the bottom of the egg shell, it becomes a small umbrella, small mushrooms. In short, if the child wants to, the unformed toy can be assembled into a variety of shaped wooden toys for infants. The plasticity and reinvention of unformed toys allow children to exercise their imagination and creativity in a way that no other type of toy can. Moreover, unformed toys are based on life, it’s convenient and economical, which can not only reduce consumption, but also cultivate the quality of thrift of children. In real life, all waste materials that are safe and hygienic and of moderate size can become unformed toys for children.

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