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What Do Children Need When Growing Up

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With regard to children's education, parents may always be extremely concerned. Every parent hopes that their children can develop well and have a bright future. As a result, most parents want their children to develop in the way they want instead of respecting their children's nature and potential.


In the short period of more than ten years before the beginning of social life, what kinds of education do children need?



1. Children Need To Learn Language


Once a baby is born, the most important thing to learn is language. Not long after birth, parents would talk to children as soon as they held the baby. In fact, it is to teach them language. Learning the mother tongue is no problem for ordinary children. However, in addition to learning the mother tongue well, children should also learn at least one foreign language. Mastering a foreign language can expand one's vision and is also a manifestation of achievement. Language is a strange ability. The earlier you learn it, the better it will be. It is a good choice to help children learn language with toys like wood letter puzzles or wood letter blocks or wooden alphabet letters puzzles. After all, children are more interested in toys.

wooden alphabet letters puzzles



2. Children Need To Know The Living Environment


Children will be curious about the people, things and phenomena they can come into contact with. The more children learn about the environment, the more they want to control and use. This is the origin of scientific inventions. As parents, you should help your children to observe and understand their living environment in a planned and selective way, and encourage them to read. In this way, children will enter the adult world confidently in the future.



3. Children Need To Develop Their Imagination


Why do children play with toys and video games all day and they doesn't feel lonely? This is because, in their opinion, the toy and the game character are friends of them. When children are reading fairy tales or listening to adults tell stories, they can quickly integrated into the plot. They will think that the person in the story is himself or his good friend.


To a certain extent, children learn language, understand the environment and learn how to behave and do things from fantasy games. Parents should support your children to play with educational toys and read more science fictions and fairy tales, so as to enrich their fantasy world and enhance their ability of creation and invention. Children's wood kitchens and wood train sets can be selected to enrich children's imagination.



4. Children Need To Know The Life


"What am I going to do when I grow up?" This is a real problem. Children like to imitate the heroes in TV dramas or the big characters in textbooks. When the children's goals are vaguely locked in a limited number, it is obvious that parents have the responsibility to tell your children: there are thousands of roads in life, and every road has many moving and touching places. In fact, some professional toys are very helpful to children's understanding, such as wood doctor sets.



5. Children Need To Develop Intelligence


Intelligence, in short, is the ability to create new things and ideas. Many people think that intelligence is a gift, but most of it is acquired through training. This requires training from an early age to guide children how to observe things; encourage them to express and do things when they have different discoveries, opinions and practices from others; further train them to criticize others' and their own views, overthrow others' and their own practices, and then guide then to try to develop new views and new practices. For example, when children have new innovations in playing wood stacking blocks, parents can encourage them. Achievement is the driving force of children's efforts and intelligence. And through wooden abacus toys, children's computing ability can be improved.

wooden abacus toys



These are some indispensable aspects in the process of children's growth. In fact, playing with toys can teach children a lot of truth. We recommend Hape wooden toys for all parents. If you are interested in our products, you can visit our website.

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