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What Can Parents Do To Let Children Share Their Toys?

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Now there are more and more kinds of toys on the market, such as wooden educational toys, wooden musical toys, wooden toy cars and so on. I believe that every parent must encounter when your children are not willing to share their favourite toys with other children, and even rob other children's toys. In this regard, some will think that the child is a selfish performance, will have prejudice against the child. Is this just because the child is selfish and unwilling to share? Of course not. It is just a stage called “sprouting of self-consciousness”after children grow up to a certain stage. 


At the age of 1-3, the child is still weak in self-control and has no consciousness of "robbing". They just think it is mine. The child has no malice to this kind of snatching behavior, just expressing a kind of "I want" self need. But in fact, this behavior is beneficial in children's growth process and children express their needs in their own way. This behavior to a certain extent, can promote the child's social ability and mental development.

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When children realize themselves, they will have a sense of self, unwilling to share, and think that these things are their own. When children get to know the world, they find that there are others besides themselves. They may not be able to cope with them well for a while, which leads to an instinctive self-protection reaction. This is exactly the very important process of children's growth.


This does not mean that when children are unwilling to share, or even start to rob other children's attractive cartoon toys, parents can let them go without interference. On the contrary, children at this stage need the correct guidance of their parents.



1. Teach By Precept And Example 


Parents are the children's first teachers. From birth to kindergarten, children spend the most time with their parents. Parents' every move, every word and action all affect the children. In daily life, parents can share with others in front of your children. Children's ability to imitate is very strong. When children see their parents do this, they will follow suit.


When children feel that this kind of sharing can bring friendship and trust from other children and praise from parents, it is easier for children to share what they like to others. This is the power of parents to teach by example, which can make children easier to accept.



2. Let Children Have A Sense Of Security About Their Belongings


What parents need to do is not to force children to share, but to protect their children's property rights. They can give their children the right to choose and let them make their own decisions. If the children say they are not willing, then parents should respect children's choices and not force them. It is also important to protect the children's internal security.


3. Teach Children How To Share


When teaching children to share, you should not make decisions for them, but teach them how to do it. When there is a conflict between children and children competing for toys, adults can not intervene so quickly at this time. You can let the children handle it by themselves. If out of the question, then you can intervene to resolve the conflict.

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Of course, if the child is in the side of being robbed, parents must not ask the child to be "generous", which will let the child form a set of thinking, and form a indecisive character that will not refuse others. It is harmful to the growth of children, even after they grow up, they will have a great impact on their work or life.



It is also a good way for parents to prepare toys that they can play with other children. Many toys in our company are toys that can let multiple children play together, such as wooden kitchen toys, wood garden toys, wood toy houses and other Hape wooden toys.

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