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What Are the Most Popular Decompression Toys In the World?

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Decompression toys have become popular all over the world. Under the intense work and life rhythm, we really need more decompression toys to reduce the pressure. Today, we bring a number of popular decompression toys at home and abroad to reduce pressure together!



A ring that can translate

The translation of the ring called "Echo Ring" has 24 languages, including English, Japanese, French, Korean and Chinese. Echo Ring can be translated without networking, so long as the dictionary can be updated on the App side of the mobile phone. In addition to the translation function, Echo Ring is equipped with a control function to easily control a variety of compatible devices. For example, you have Echo speakers in your house, and an intelligent coffee pot. You can say "make coffee" on the ring when you are out of bed, and you can enjoy the refreshing coffee after getting up.

wooden activity cubes



Banana cell phone

This banana phone is not a real mobile phone, but a Bluetooth device. When it's connected to your smartphone, you can use it to answer calls. In addition to answering the phone, you can use a banana phone to start Siri or other voice assistants. It's fun to buy it as a prank to cheat your friends!



A pen that never fades

The new blue pigment pen called "YInMn" is made from dyes developed by chemists at Oregon State University. The dye is composed of black manganese oxide mixed with other chemicals and heated to nearly 2000 °F in an oven. Therefore, the chemical structure is particularly stable, even if it is exposed to the air for a long time, it will not fade. It doesn't fade even in oil and water. It can't be better to write love letters! Using with standing art easel or wooden magnetic drawing board is also suitable for children.



Infinity Cube

When you're bored, if you don't have something to play with, it's just uncomfortable. This little gadget called "Infinity Cube" is really suitable for the global "hyperactivity disorder". The Infinity Cube is made up of eight small cubes that can be rotated from any direction and angle without any restriction. In terms of material quality, Infinity Cube uses high quality anodized aluminum, which is durable and durable through G-10 optical links and brass needles. Like wooden activity cubes and wooden puzzle cubes, they can increase children's sense of space.



Intelligent eye masks for playing music

According to the user's brain wave intelligence, the eye mask will recommend music suitable for sleep. During the music playing process, it will adjust the type, state and volume of music in real time, and play some white noise beneficial to sleep, so as to create a better sleep environment. Maybe intelligent eye masks are not suitable for children, but wooden musical toys and wooden sensory toys are perfect choices for children to improve their perception.



A ring with high appearance and luminous appearance

The Damascus Steel Glow Rings is made of Damascus steel with unique pattern, each ring has its own unique and out of the ordinary pattern. The inner ring of the ring is inlaid with a luminous ring composed of transparent resin and strontium aluminate-based phosphor. Just put the ring in the sun, exposed to ultraviolet light for a short time, the ring's inner ring can glow in the dark for six hours. The ring has seven different colors of light green, green, blue, purple, white, yellow and red. Indoors, children can learn colors by playing with wooden rainbows and wooden animals.

wooden puzzle cubes



Pea spring toys

It's a little winded toy that can climb all kinds of obstacles. Once it's full of wind, it will make you laugh. It's like wooden train tracks and wooden doll strollers, which are full of memories of every child.


Every toy has a story. They are interesting, weird, and full of freedom and peace.

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