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What Are the Materials of Children's Toys Nowadays?

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Parents are better able to buy the right toys if they know the common materials. Children's toys according to the main materials divided into wooden, plastic, rubber, metal, stone sand, paper, plush cloth art. Now let's focus on wood and plastic.

plastic wagon toy



Wooden toys


Wooden children's toys mainly use beech wood, theaceae wood, basswood, pine and other logs, and birch wood, basswood splint these boards.


1. Beech wood


Beech wood material is the most expensive, so high quality wood play brand generally choose beech wood. The first is its ruggidibility and impact resistance, which makes it very resistant to falling. Then the beech wood is tough under steam and can be made in various shapes. It is also easy to nail. But wood building kits for kids don't usually have nails for safety.


2. Theaceae


Theaceae is more resistant to falling, and is the most commonly used material in wooden toy farm. Beads, tool benches, walkers are all made of theaceae.


3. Basswood and pine


China's northeast and Russia have more basswood, so many Russian antique wooden dolls are made of basswood. Of course there are other toys as well. Pine material is the cheapest, and also the most prone to cracking, so pine is generally used to do personalized wooden puzzles, but there are lower-end manufacturers with pine as the main material of toys.


4.Sheet material


In recent years, popular wooden balance car (slide car) often birch board as main materia. Some old wooden toys use a density board (such as an easel) and contain at least some formaldehyde, so parents should be a little careful when buying them. 



Plastic toys:


There are many raw materials for kids plastic toys, such as ABS, PVC, PP, PC, PE, EVA and PU, which can be more or less used.

plastic wagon toy


1. ABS


ABS is the main material for building blocks of the assembly category. The three letters respectively represent "acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene". The main reason why ABS is used for plastic construction toys is that it has good dimensional stability, and the basic particles produced can keep the same height of size. At the same time, ABS has high hardness and toughness, and will not become brittle even at low temperature. It’s also fall resistance and wear resistance.


2. PVC


PVC can be hard or soft. The hard water pipes can be made of PVC, and the soft ones, such as infusion pipes and slippers. As far as plastic toys are concerned, PVC is the most used materials. The plastic pipe building toys of PVC material also cannot use boiled water disinfection, just use toy cleaner to disinfect it, perhaps dip in with dishcloth soapy water.


3. PP


Compared with the above two materials, the advantage of PP is that it can be put into the microwave oven. Therefore, it is often used as a container for food, oil, condiments, etc., such as lunch box and crisper. On toys, PP materials are mainly used in small pieces of toys such as miniature baby dolls plastic and rattle, which can be imported and sterilized by high temperature boiling.


4. PE


PE also divides many kinds. Soft quality is mainly used for film products, such as food plastic wrap, plastic bags; Hard features are suitable for one-time injection molding products and hollow products. Specifically in the application of toys, PE is the most typical to make plastic wagon toy, and slides.

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