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What Are the Concept and Characteristics of Plastic Toys

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Plastic toys are a kind of toys, and it’s more suitable for children to use.

plastic toys



The concept of plastic toys:


1.The main ingredient of plastic toys: resin


2.The raw material of plastic toys: it is a kind of material with high polymer synthetic resin as the main component permeates into various auxiliary materials or additives, which has plasticity and fluidity under specific temperature and pressure, and plastic whale toy can be molded into a certain shape, and keep the shape unchanged under certain conditions.


3. Polymer: Refers to the pure material or polymeric material produced by the polymerization process. Whether natural resin or synthetic resin are polymers.


4. Plastic has excellent insulation to electricity, heat and sound: excellent electrical insulation, arc resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration absorption and sound elimination.


Plastic toy raw materials are mostly extracted from some oil, the most familiar part of the PC material is extracted from petroleum, PC material has a gasoline smell when burning; ABS is extracted from coal. ABS will be ash-like when it is burned out. The POM is made from natural gas, and when burned it has a very bad gas smell.


Characteristics of plastic toys:


1.The thermal expansion coefficient of toy building blocks plastic is much larger than usual metal;


2.The stiffness of general plastic raw materials is one level of magnitude lower than usual metals;


3.The mechanical properties of children's tea set plastic will obviously decrease under prolonged heating;


4.Permanent deformation will occur when the long-term stress of ordinary plastic raw materials under normal temperature and the stress below its yield strength;


5.Plastic building toys are sensitive to notch damage;


6.The mechanical properties of plastic raw materials are usually much lower than usual metals, but the specific strength and specific modulus of some composite materials are higher than usual metals. If the products are properly designed, they will give play to their advantages.


7.Generally, the mechanical properties of reinforced plastic raw materials are anisotropic;


8.Some kids plastic balls will be hygroscopic and cause changes in size and performance;


9. Some plastics are combustible;


10. The fatigue data of plastic raw materials is still very small and should be considered according to the use requirements.



Raw material’s classification:


According to the molecular structure of synthetic resin, plastic raw materials are mainly include thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics: thermoplastic plastics refer to big plastic blocks that can take repeated heating. Thermosetting plastic mainly refers to the tiny plastic toys that made of heating and hardening of synthetic resin, such as some phenolic plastics and amino plastics, generally not commonly used.


According to the scope of application, there are general plastics, engineering plastics like plastic toy castle and other commonly used several. There are also special plastics such as high temperature, high humidity and corrosion resistance, and other plastic nesting dolls modified for special purposes.

plastic toys



Reasons for choosing plastic toys:


1. have a cost-effective ability to compete; 2.giant plastic building blocks with high quality; 3. one-stop service for customers: rest assured, save heart and comfort; 4. safe and practical toys.

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