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What Are The Benefits for Babies of Playing Toys Regularly?

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The significance of children's toy structure games is mainly through the construction of various objects or buildings by children, which can promote the development of thinking and the habit of hands and operation, and form the purpose of using hands and brains together. In the process of using various materials, children can directly understand the performance of various materials, understand the shape and quantity of various materials, and obtain the knowledge and experience of using various materials in the structure. In addition, children's ability to design and conceive can also be exercised.

wooden puzzles



Toys can motivate children's activity

Children's physical and mental development is realized in activities. Toys can be freely played and used for children, in line with children's psychological hobbies and ability levels. It can meet the needs of their activities and improve their enthusiasm. For example, wooden rocking horse and plum swing sets, children will naturally sit up, swing back and forth, not only to satisfy their activities, but also to produce positive and pleasant emotions, so they will not be tired of playing for a long time. Another example is "doll" toys, which can cause children to do a variety of activities. According to their own life experience, children of all ages can play games with dolls, which can change from simple to complex.



Toys can enhance perceptual knowledge

Toys have the characteristics of intuitive image, children can touch, hold, listen, blow, see and so on, which is conducive to the training of various senses. Such as color towers, blow molding toys, various dolls and animal toys are conducive to visual training. Eight tone bears, pianos, tambourines, and small trumpets can train to hear. Building blocks, plastic sheets and structural models can develop spatial perception. A variety of wooden puzzles, inlaid toys, soft plastic toys can exercise the feeling of touch. Wooden doll strollers contribute to the development of kinesthetic sense. Toys not only enrich children's perceptual knowledge, but also help to consolidate the impression they get in life. When children are not widely exposed to real life, they know the world through toys.



Toys can arouse children's association activities

For example, wooden doctor play sets and traditional wooden dolls house can arouse children's association with hospitals and families, and promote children to develop creative role games. Some toys of labor tools can cause children to carry out simulated labor such as tree planting, river digging and construction. Some toys are specially used for thinking training, such as all kinds of chess pieces and various intelligence toys. They can improve children's ability to analysis, synthesis, comparison, judgment and reasoning, and cultivate their thinking depth, flexibility and agility.



Toys can help children learn to overcome difficulties

Children actively engage in thinking, imagination and other activities, and perform other activities by hand or body. For example, playing large wooden play kitchen or wooden educational toys for toddlers, children should conceive, imagine, and choose materials for achieving the established purpose. They have to use both their hands and brains. Children will encounter some difficulties when using toys. These difficulties require them to rely on their own strength to overcome and persist in completing the task, thus cultivating the excellent quality of overcoming difficulties and striving forward.

wooden educational toys for toddlers



Toys contribute to the cultivation of collective ideas and cooperative spirit

Some toys are required for children to use together. For example, wooden toy farm and plan toys tea sets should have two sides of communication, which can help children understand learning life experience, practice and cooperate with peers. Another example is "long rope" toys, which require many children to use collectively. In the game of jumping long rope, children coordinate each other's actions and enhance the collective concept.



Toys are an indispensable part of every child's childhood. Parents can correctly guide children to play with toys scientifically and reasonably.

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