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Transformation of Waste Toys

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As children grow older, what should be done with the old toys that were once loved but now idle. Let's take a look at the creative transformation method of old toys shared by some parents to upgrade all kinds of old toys into beautiful decorations at home. If you have boys in your family, there are bound to be cases where cars are crammed into the seams of sofas. Similarly, the girl's home is no exception, all kinds of dolls occupy the floor and sofa. If your home is in this state, learn how to deal with children's idle toys.



1. The Super Desk Lamp

In a home with children, there must be a lot of small toys, such as wooden toy cars, colorful wooden blocks, mini plastic baby dolls and small plastic balls. It's better to use them than to take up space. It is a good idea to decorate a table lamp of adult style, and it will become the highlight decoration of children's room immediately.



2. The Dulcimer Decoration

Dulcimer toys are estimated to be one of the wooden toys that every child has at home. Fix the dulcimer on the wall, hang the childs favorite hair rings, necklaces and hair bands on them. This kind of way is very easy to find when needed, the storage is also in good order, and also adds some color to the home.

wooden blocks toys



3. The Animal Bookend

You can find two suitable solid wood blocks and stick the idle animal toys on them and it is good idea to color them as you like. Put them on the desk or bookshelf, beautiful picture books with them, will also become a fairy tale existence in the room.



4. The Shelf Made of Skateboard

When you see such an idea, your first reaction must be "how could I have never thought of it.". It is really suitable that the candy color skateboard with some small accessories, into a shelf in the children's room, put some children's favorite toys.



5. The Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder

It used to be the favorite of the children at home, holding it everyday, but it will also be detested for a long time. Dont be sad, little plastic dinosaurs! After being scratched some times like this, you can accompany the children every day. In fact, not only dinosaur toys, but also plastic pig toys, small plastic horses, and so on can be converted into lovely toothbrush holders

plastic toys



6. The Doll Cushion

Every child will like a big soft cute doll, so every home with a baby will definitely have a lot of dolls. How to deal with these abandoned dolls? In order to make the best use of them, they can also be used as the door block of children's room.



After reading some of the above ideas, do you think the toys at home are no longer so annoying? When these toys have a new use, you will not feel that your money is wasted, but also add some new decoration to the home.


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