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Toys for Children of All Ages and Stages

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Children of different ages play with different kinds of toys. So how to divide the stages? How should parents select toys? Here's some advice of how to select toys for children of different ages.



1. 1-2 Months Infant Toys

The vision and hearing of 1-2-month-old infants begin to concentrate, and they can gaze at colorful things for a short time. From the development of movements, infants at this stage just touch anything that their hands can touch aimlessly after waking up. This kind of action prepares for the intention of their future actions. In this period, some colorful big colored balls should be selected, such as wooden baby rattle, cloth dolls, rocking toys, hanging toys, wooden musical toys, etc. and be hung above the baby's car or cot, so as to encourage the baby to see and listen, and to cultivate the baby's hearing and visual sensitivity.

 wooden musical toys


2. 3-4 Months Baby Toys

The sleep time of infants aged 3-4 months is less than that of the first two months. They always like to watch and listen to the hanging toys  when they lie down. Although the development of movements of infants at this stage is only at the beginning, they have the desire to touch objects. At this stage, some ringing bells, bracelets that can make sounds, foot rings, hanging toys for grasping, kicking and sports, grasping toys, cloth toys and books suitable for baby's characteristics can be bought.



3. 5-6 Months Baby Toys

At this stage, the action of babies’reaching out hands become more and more. They reach out and grab anything that appears in front of them. The movement and eyes begin to coordinate and they learn to grasp and shake these toys.


When the baby learns to turn over, the toy can be handed to the baby for him or her to hold and play with. When they can climb, toys should be placed not far away from them and the babies should be encouraged to climb over to play. Children's toys in this period include bathroom toys, soft building blocks, wooden baby blocks, toys that can make sounds, such as dolls and kittens, ringing bells, wooden action figures, plastic animals, roly-poly, etc.

 wooden baby blocks


4. 7-10 Months Baby Toys

At 7 months of age, infants do not understand the nature of toys. They are beating or throwing toys, pushing and pulling toys with different types. At 8-9 months of age, they began to distinguish the nature of toys, and they like to repeat a kind of play action. In this period, let the baby play with various toys in the car or inside the fence, such as dolls, bells, plastic toy blocks, small bowls, baskets, buckets and other toys. Children can also play batterypowered toys from adults, such as monkey rolling, panda taking photo, elephant beating drum, etc. Other children's toys that can be equipped include pull cord music box, toy drum, building blocks, children's wooden building blocks, drag toys, cards, etc.



5. 11 Months - 2 Years Old Infant Toys

At this time, the movements of infants and young children have developed from skillfully climbing and holding to standing, walking, running, jumping and climbing. Therefore, there should be trolleys, barrels that can climb through or empty cartons with both opposite sides removed, as well as animal toys, dolls, building blocks, wooden nesting toys, balls, and mechanical toys with sound. 2-year-old children can understand the language of adults and children and communicate with each other in language. In addition to the toys mentioned above, chessboard, wooden toy vehicles and outdoor sports toys and so on should also be equipped for babies.



6. 2-3 Years Old Infant Toys

At this stage, the movement development of infants and young children has been more stable than that of the previous several age groups. The movements of both hands of babies are further flexible and they can accurately hold various things. The language of babies has developed from the stage of understanding to the stage of expression and application. At this stage, in addition to the toys mentioned above, they should also be allowed to play with jigsaw puzzles with plot and colorful wooden boards, tangram wood puzzle, simple structural toys and some natural objects, such as fallen leaves, sand, water, snow, etc., as well as puppet toys for performance.



7. 3-4 Years Old Children's Toys

3-4 years old is an important period for children's fine motor development, which has a great impact on their future study and life. At this time, children should also exercise hand-eye coordination ability and rapid reaction ability. At this stage, children can play with toys such as baby carriage, wooden puzzle toys, building blocks, graffiti toys, clay toys, ball toys, etc.



8. 5-6 Years Old Children's Toys


At the age of 5-6, children's spatial imagination, fine hands-on ability, and children's thinking ability, calculation ability, memory and concentration, as well as anti frustration ability all can be cultivated. Also a good sense of cooperation and competition can be formed. The toys that children can play at this stage include assembly toys, chess and card toys (such as chess and cards, gobang, everlands HD, Chinese draughts, etc.), sports toys (such as ball games, hula hoops, rope skipping, etc.), and wooden block puzzle toys, etc.


In a word, toys should help to educate children in many aspects. Children can understand the objective things through toys. It can cause children's active activities and this positive activity will also help to promote the development of the infant brain and various senses.

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