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To Have an Orderly Life, Start From Packing Up Toys

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I went to a friend's house a few days ago and was shocked by the scene when I entered the door. The friend's child was tidying up his wooden educational toys, knowing that the guests were coming, so he put away his wooden toy house. And what we know more is that in many families, as long as there is vacant land, there will be children’s toys. The home is like a battlefield. Parents are always looking for excuses for their children to prevent their children from packing their colorful plastic toys. But since childhood cultivating children's habit of tidying up toys is very helpful to their growth.

colorful wooden educational toys



What bad habits will be formed when littering toys?


The formation of bad temper

Throwing things can easily lead to things not being found, so children can easily become irritable, impatient, and get angry because the lid cannot be opened while playing with plastic animal toys. Playing without patience is just playing, not brainstorming.


Poor independence

Children who develop littering will rely more on their parents. Parents are needed to feed meals, wash face and teeth, and even clothes need to be worn. Therefore, compared with children of the same age, children who like to throw paw patrol bath toys will be less independent.


Logical ability deteriorated

When children organize plastic toy cars, they are also a process of independent thinking. How to classify toys? How to place it? It is the process of cultivating children's logical abilities, so children who can't organize are not well cultivated in logical abilities.



How should we help develop the ability to clean up toys?


1. Give the baby a reminder with the help of "external force"

The "external force" here can choose a piece of music, a sentence from the parent or a certain action. At this time, remind children that when this action and music occur, they need to put the toy back in place, and then prepare to do other things. You can also choose plastic music toys or kids voice toys, which can help remind children to organize toys in time.


2. Mother's weakness

We often hear parents say: the stronger the mother, the weaker the child's ability. So more often mothers can properly show weakness to their children. For example, when the child is playing with light up bath toys, the mother can say: "Baby, mother is tired today, can you help mother organize the toys together?" Then the child will be more willing to help.

wooden educational toys


3. Divide the "home" of toys

Let children understand that plastic food toys also have their own place of belonging. Let the children and toys be friends, and the children should return to their original places at the prescribed time. At the same time, it can also allow the children to organize the toy area better, and at the same time, it can also cultivate the children's love.


In short, in the process of organizing grapat toys, children will gradually develop many excellent abilities and good habits. Parents should also let go and let their children do some housework to experience the joy of life. Dear mothers, how will you deal with such a thing? May wish to leave a message in the comment area to tell us and share your parenting experience with us.

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