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There Are So Many Toys, But Why Do Children Still Want New Ones?

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Many parents do not understand this problem. There are so many toys at home. Why do children want new toys? This is not only because toys themselves are more and more popular with children, but also closely related to parents. When it comes to children playing with toys, parents may be wrong. Next, let's see if the parents have such educational misconceptions. Children's toys include wooden toy boxes, large wooden dolls house, etc.



1. Misunderstanding One—Children Should Follow the Instructions to Play with Toys


Respect the way children play.



It seems that children are born to play with toys. As long as the parents give the toys to their children, they can find out how to play without reading the instructions, and they can always play new tricks. For example, children will push and play the wooden puzzle board as dominoes. They will put the small battery operated train that should run on the track on the high and low furniture to‘cross the mountains’. These new playing methods are the crystallization of children's rich imagination. Parents should respect these playing methods.


However, if the parents feel that these new play methods are different from the instructions and do not agree with the children's imagination and small pioneering work, they will soon lose interest in the toy.



2. Misunderstanding Two—Toys Are More Expensive. Let the Children Play Alone, and Do Not Let Others Play Together


Let children share toys with each other.


When children play with toys alone, they only have a share of happiness. If two children play together, happiness is double. A group of children plays together, everyone's happiness can fly to the sky. Look, big-head boy and ‘cotton candy’ are good friends. They often share their toys with each other, such as the lovely wooden dolls house, the children's wooden blocks of all kinds, and the beautiful elc wooden trike, etc. They both have a good time.


For toys that bring more happiness, such as wooden sensory toys, children will love them very much and will not abandon them easily. They will also carry such toys with them wherever they go. Moreover, by sharing and exchanging toys, children can constantly get ’new’ toys.



3. Misunderstanding Three—Old Toys Can Only Be Put Away


Guide children to play with old toys in new ways


Many parents think that a large number of old toys are like chicken ribs. Children do not like to play, but it is a pity to throw them away. They can only put them away, but they take up too much space. Parents with such troubles may as well guide their children to play with old toys in a new way. For example, let the child wash old toys and change into new clothes. Let the child add new accessories and write new patterns to old toys. Let the child find friends between old toys and set up a new family for them and so on. With a new way to play, children will have a new surprise to old toys, such as wooden building kits.


Well, parents who have no space to stack toys (such as carousel wooden train set, etc.) at home, if there is any educational misunderstanding mentioned above, please jump out quickly.

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