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There Are So Many Advantages In Playing Picture Puzzles For Children!

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Unlike before, there are more and more toys on the market, such as wood toys for kids, baby bath toys, plastic toys and so on. Many parents may ask what toys are better for their children. In fact, picture puzzle is a good choice, Whether it's a wooden puzzle toy or a paper puzzle. Children for toys, are easy to "like the new and hate the old", that is because most of the time, they are playing alone, it is easy to lose the freshness.


However, in the case of puzzles, parents and children, or children and other partners can work together to exercise their brain power and team cooperation ability. Let's take a look at the specific benefits of playing puzzles for children?



1. Exercise Children's Observation Ability And Improve Learning Ability


Observation is one of the important ways to acquire more knowledge. If children can be meticulous in learning and can quickly integrate and understand different aspects of knowledge, it is because of their good observation ability and strong understanding of the relationship between the whole and the parts. Therefore, the ability of observation has a great impact on children's learning ability and learning efficiency.

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In the process of doing the puzzle, in order to complete the figure smoothly, we must observe each picture carefully. In this process, it can play a good role in training children to understand colors and graphics and other things. In addition, in the process of doing the picture puzzle, we have an understanding of the whole and part, and the ability of addition and subtraction in mathematics will be improved.



2. At the same time to exercise the children's hands-on ability and brain power


When children play puzzles, they should not only use their hands, but also use their brains. Therefore, when children are playing puzzles, they will exercise their hands-on ability, as well as the ability to read, write and solve problems. In the process of children's growth, from birth to adulthood, it is necessary to use a variety of knowledge and skills, as well as language.


For language learning, listening, reading, speaking and writing are the four key elements of learning, and also the focus of children's training during their development period. Through the hands-on puzzle, children should first understand the method of puzzles, from the instructions can exercise the ability to read and write, and in the process of playing with parents or other partners, they will also exercise the children's listening and speaking ability.


Playing personalized wooden puzzles can not only improve the skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing, but also help children develop the ability to solve problems in the process of thinking about puzzles, which is one of the most important ability for children’s development. People who have been trained in this area since childhood have a stronger ability to bear pressure after adulthood. When facing difficulties in learning or work, they can often find solutions more quickly.



3. Train the children’s ability of collective division of labor and cooperation


In the society, there are always some people who are good at communicating with others, but another people don't know how to communicate with others. Those who are good at communicating with others will always have more opportunities than another one in study, love or work.


This kind of communication ability can be train from an early age. When children work together to do the puzzle, they can naturally develop their ability to communicate with others and work in division and cooperation.

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If parents haven't let your children play puzzles, try this kind of toys. Maybe your children will love them. But remind parents, when choosing puzzles, we should pay attention to the quality problem, but also according to the children's age to choose the appropriate puzzle.


Here we recommend Hape wooden toys. Our company's toys choose the safest materials to let children grow up in the process of playing. There are a lot of wooden toys in our company, not only wooden shape puzzles, but also wooden railways, wooden blocks and so on.

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