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The Significance of Children Playing with Toys

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Who is closest to the children? I believe most people's answers may be parents, teachers, friends and so on, because they are the people who have the most contact with their children. But in fact, the closest thing to children is the doll they hold in their arms when they sleep, the wooden building blocks they like to put in their mouths when they bite, and the wooden block puzzles they hold in their hands when playing with their partners. So the nearest thing to the children is not the family members who take care of the children every day, nor the children who accompany them to play, but wooden animal toys. Wooden stacking toys are the closest thing to children, but as guardians of children, parents know little about toys.

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Some parents have such experience. When their children's moods fluctuate greatly, for example, when they cry because of pain, when they are aggrieved because their requirements are not met, or when they are angry after being rejected, if parents give their children a favorite wooden castle toy, it can immediately calm them down. Wooden garden toys can soothe children's emotions, especially for children aged 0 to 3. In the face of their sudden emotions, parents can comfort them and give them a sense of security as long as they give them the toys they are most familiar with. Because familiar toys are just like friends in children's minds.


Moreover, toys can also serve as a window for children to know the world. For children, wooden plane toys are the things they contact most except their families. The color, touch, weight and smell of each toy can be used as knowledge and information to let children understand the difference between different objects. Transportation toys such as wooden toy cars and toy airplanes can also help them understand the concept of speed. Therefore, playing with toys can let children learn knowledge. Of course, they can improve their hand strength in the process of playing with toys. 


Since toys can bring so many benefits, how should parents choose toys? Parents are advised to choose flexible toys that can train their children's imagination, such as children's wooden blocks, personalized wooden puzzles, etc. The characteristic of this kind of toys is to let children focus on their own creation, and it is interesting and can be used repeatedly. Parents are advised to buy toys with bright colors, such as red, blue, yellow, etc. This is because bright colors can attract children's attention. 

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When choosing toys, parents should also consider children's hobbies, gender and age. For example, most boys like toys like cars and robots, while girls like toys like plush toys and dolls. So parents can take their children to buy toys and let them choose their own toys. However, it should be noted that because the market demand for toys is relatively large, there are many inferior toys on the market. These inferior toys are usually sold in some street shops. Therefore, it is better for parents to buy toys in large shopping malls, where the quality of toys sold is more guaranteed. 

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