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The Role of Toys in Games

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Toys are all the material conditions and tools to support the games, including toys with higher structure, such as building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, and so on; but also include low structural game materials, such as waste newspapers and natural materials. The content of games is supported by toys. Toys will affect the value of games, specifically in the following aspects.

blocks for kids



Toys are the Cause of Children's Games

Toys are the direct inducement of children's play activities. Psychological research shows that preschool children are in the stage of action thinking or intuitive thinking. If they stop touching an object, they stop thinking about it. Therefore, only by perceiving, touching and playing with toys, can children cause corresponding psychological activities and experiences, and prepare various psychological conditions for the occurrence and development of games.


Games are children's reflection and imitation of reality and a way for children to practice their acquired experiences and skills. When children see what they are familiar with from toys, they have the desire to show their own relevant experience and what they see and want to show. The factors affecting the game are complex, including objective material factors and various subjective psychological factors. However, among these factors, toys are the external objective factors that affect the occurrence of games, and are the objects directly controlled by children, which constitute the material incentives for the occurrence and development of children's games. 



The Influence of Types and Characteristics of Toys on Game Content

Game is not only the basic activity of children, but also the rights of children. In the game, children accumulate experience and form personality. The realization of the educational value and development value of games depends on the selection and establishment of game contents. As the pillar of games, toys play a decisive role in the selection and transformation of game content. Different types and characteristics of toys lead to different contents of games. For example, educational toys such as wooden building blocks, wooden jigsaw puzzles and bamboo puzzle balls can help develop children's intelligence.

wooden building blocks


Each type of toy has its own characteristics and unique development value, and there are corresponding types of games to adapt to it. For example, social life toys will lead children to play role-playing games. For example, wooden kitchen sets will give children the experience of being a cook, and wooden dolls houses will give children the experience of being a parent. Wooden educational toys are commonly used in puzzle games, such as wooden blocks for kids and wooden puzzles for kids. Wooden musical toys and wooden entertainment toys are helpful to develop children's basic sports skills, enhance their physique and promote their physical development. The waste materials, natural materials and homemade toys in daily life can improve children's image when playing.


The relationship between games and children's growth is very close. Games provide a very important environment for children's growth, and provide important ways and opportunities for children to get experience, which are mainly manifested in the promotion of children's intellectual, emotional and social developmentand the play of these roles cannot be separated from the support of toys. 

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