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The Difference Between Boys and Girls in Playing with Toys

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The biological differences between boys and girls:


In the last 30 years, the science of gender has emerged. Studies in 35 developed countries, including the United States, Britain, Canada and Germany, show that the brains of boys and girls are at least 100 different from each other.


1.Dopamine: boys have more dopamine in their blood and more blood flows through their cerebellum, which increases the probability of impulsive and risky behavior. The cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls behavior and body movements, is more active because of more blood flow to the cerebellum, so boys tend to play plastic train track. These factors contribute to boys' overall learning ability during sedentary behaviors compared to girls. Boys are more likely to learn from physical activity.

plastic train track


2.Corpus callosum: the corpus callosum in boys differs in size from that in girls, which allows for more cross-information processing between the two hemispheres and can perform multiple tasks at the same quality at the same time. A boy can only do one thing at a time. For example, when a boy is playing plastic bow and arrow or doing other things, his teachers and parents call him, and he seems to have no ears. Many boys are scolded by their teachers and parents for this. In fact, this is not intentional on the part of the boy, but decided by the singleness of the boy's corpus callosum.


Then, the biological differences between boys and girls in the brain are far more than these, the biological differences directly lead to the differences in personality and behavior, these differences are inherent, as parents should understand and respect, and adopt the training method suitable for children of different genders is scientific.



The difference between boys and girls in playing with toys:


Whether in kindergarten or elsewhere, boys and girls are observed to play with plastic safari animals differently, that is, to play with the same kind of toy activities, boys and girls behave differently. Under normal circumstances, the boy was born like provocation or adventure, like fast moving objects, such as television, computers, electronic games, kids plastic car, planes, trains, etc., these items can reflect personal technology, like a shooting, mazes, used excavators, boy’s sense of natural space and distance is stronger than girls, so when the same age paragraph the children together, boys are more able to skillfully assembled plastic toy house, build castles, mining, tunnel, etc.


In general, boys' ability to think abstractly is also relatively strong, especially when playing with small plastic figures toys. They can not only represent real objects with blocks, but also imaginary objects, and they feel a sense of accomplishment. The difference between girls and boys is that girls are born to learn to love and take care of others, so they like to inject emotion into small plastic baby dolls or games. Any toy given to a boy may become a tool for assembly, disassembly and destruction, while in the hands of a girl it can become her child, patient or partner. A girl can feed small plastic disney figures, tell him a story, put him to sleep. For thousands of years, what girls especially like is playing house, while boys like their parents to fight with them.


After understanding these common sense, young fathers and mothers should also pay attention to this: for a girl, if she gets along with her mother for a long time, and her mother is a stable, peaceful, kind and elegant woman who is good at protecting and respecting the girl's nature of playing with plastic barbie doll, the girl will learn corresponding qualities from her mother. Conversely, if a boy's father had more time for him when he was young, and science guided and cooperated with the boy to play plastic army toys, the boy would grow into a man with a sense of power and accomplishment. Of course, mom and dad can accompany the child's childhood, the child has the influence of hardness and softness, Yin and Yang coordination, harmony and warmth, the child's childhood will be happy whether boys or girls, their character development will be more sound and perfect.

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What should parents do:


Boys like to destroy and assemble, and parents should not stop or beat boys when they destroy toys. When girls put emotion into toys and strongly protect toys, parents should also respect and care for them.

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