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The Development Prospect of the Intelligent Toy Market

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Nowadays, with the rapid development of Internet intelligence in China, intelligent toys have integrated some products of different industries, such as plush toys, rubber dolls, chips and digital technology. The market competition is also more and more fierce. So what is the prospect of the intelligent toy market?

The development conditions of intelligent toys:

1. Science and technology

With the rapid development of science and technology, it drives consumer groups to have a higher experience demand for toy products. Intelligent toys have become an inevitable trend in the development of the toy industry. High-tech intelligent wooden toys for kids not only satisfy the curiosity of consumer groups (including children and adults), but also enhance the interactive experience between consumer groups and toys.

From the perspective of intelligent toy market analysis, toy enterprises "graft" the advanced technology in the fields of computer, electronics and communication into toy products, break through the limitations of traditional toys, give toys the functions of listening and speaking, and interacting with people, just like plastic baby dolls and some plastic toy figures. Intelligent toys have various forms and rich contents, intelligent childrens wooden toys can be used to communicate with children emotionally, so as to cultivate children's good habits, learn and experience life in pleasure, and wooden educational toys can truly achieve the purpose of teaching through fun. And 64 percent of adult consumers are interested in buying intelligent toys that suit them.


2. The toy’s diversification of functions

With the diversification of functions, toys have got rid of the restriction of providing entertainment only for children, and their functions gradually adapt to the needs of adults. More and more adults are willing to buy wooden puzzles for adults. On the other hand, the aggravation of aging population in some developed countries also gives birth to personalized wooden puzzles that meet the physiological and psychological needs of the elderly.

wooden tools for kids


The development situation of intelligent toys:

1. The mutual impact with traditional toys

Technology has penetrated deeper and deeper into the toy industry. LED technology, face (voice) recognition technology, augmented reality technology and even holographic image technology and brain wave sensing technology have all been integrated into toys. Therefore, international big brands have launched intelligent toys. However, the rise of intelligent toys has not caused a serious impact on traditional toys. As wooden activity cube can give children the space to exert their imagination, and are suitable for parent-child interaction, they are irreplaceable for intelligent toys, so wooden building blocks still have certain market advantages. The future trend of the global toy industry will be the mutual development of traditional toys and intelligent toys.


2. Some defects in the toy market

At present, there are not many domestic enterprises with private brands that are influential and well-known in the market, and private brands are missing. Some independently developed products also lack vitality and charisma due to the lack of product image, which makes the product unable to maintain a long life cycle and rich value-added returns in the market. Therefore, most of the domestic intelligent toy manufacturers rely heavily on the international market, and the survival and development of enterprises are easily affected by it.

Industry insiders believe that the rapid development of science and technology has created infinite convenience of life and brought more fun to our life. As for the toy market, the wooden toy kits with the technology have given birth to the further development of intelligent interactive toy market. The intelligence of toys has become an inevitable trend in the development of the toy industry. With the increasing demand of families for toy products, the future intelligent interactive toy market has great potential to be tapped.

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