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Some Most Effective Ways To Improve Children's Attention!

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Good attention is a strong guarantee for children's future learning, but attention is not born, it needs to be cultivated slowly. If children don't have good attention, they will be distracted by big or small things then lose efficiency. So what can parents do to improve their children's attention?


1. Let your child do one thing at a time

People's attention is limited, and allocating attention to things of different nature will seriously deplete the effectiveness of attention. In particular, children's attention is in the process of development, and doing many things at the same time will damage the effective concentration of attention. So, even when children are playing with wooden toys or plastic toys, turn off the TV; when doing homework, don't play music.


2. Play "self-discipline" with your children

Put this way into children's lives. You can consciously set up situations to help your child develop self-discipline. But it needs to follow a step-by-step process.


3. Buy some intellectual training toys and books

You can buy some pictures and texts to exercise children’s observation, attention and memory, wooden educational toys such as wooden puzzles, wooden building blocks, etc., as well as some books to find mistakes, find different sizes, and compare them. It doesn't take a long time to practice, but do practice every day. Parents can encourage their children's interest by rewarding them.

wooden educational toys


4. Training at any time with staring

In the classroom or at home, it's helpful to stare at certain points and objects for a few minutes every day.


5. Good toys and books don't need a lot

If the children have too many toys, they will play this one for a while and then that one for a while. The same is true of books. So you don't need to buy too many toys and books for your children. Pick some meaningful books that can help children grow up. Parents can buy some wooden playsets, such as wooden train sets, and wooden kitchen sets, so that children can focus on the game for a long time. Too many books and toys can only distract children.


6. Reading aloud helps to train attention

Arrange a time (10-20 minutes) every day for children to choose their favorite essays and read them aloud to parents. This is a process to coordinate the children's mouth, eyes and brain. Then ask the child in the process of reading, try not to read wrong, not to lose, not to read broken. In this way, they have to be highly focused.


7. Don't disturb the child to do what he likes to do

When a child forgets to eat because he concentrates on making his small handicrafts or observing small animals, parents should remember not to disturb the child, but to wait patiently for him to finish the work. You know, when a child is immersed in his interests, he is unconsciously cultivating his own attention.


8. Let the children complete the learning task in stages within the specified time

If the child can concentrate on it, parents should encourage him (praise, touch, kiss, etc.) and let him rest for 5-10 minutes. If finish the following study in the same way, you will find that your child's attention will be more and more concentrated. At the same time, the children are required to check out the requirements and conditions of the questions with a pen in order to prevent them from being distracted. All these can strengthen children’s self-confidence and make them feel "I can consciously concentrate on one thing".


9. Try to reduce the number of nagging and scolding children, so that the child feel that he is the master of time

Teach your children how to allocate time. When they concentrate on their homework in a relatively short period of time, they have more time to do other things. When children learn to control their own time, they will have a sense of success and will be more confident in doing things.


hese are some ways to help children improve their attention. Our company has a lot of toys that focus children, such as wooden abacus and wooden shape sorter toys. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit our website.

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