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Six Kinds of Toys for Developing Children's Intelligence

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Toys are very important for children. A good toy can not only promote the development of children's movement and language, but also improve the children's attention, observation and cognitive ability, as well as the development of imagination and thinking ability. It can be said that toys are indispensable early education tools to develop children's intelligence. But don't buy toys blindly. If you want to develop your children's intelligence, you only need to buy the following six kinds of toys, which are suitable for children aged 0 to 3. 

wooden educational toys



Building Blocks

Many parents usually buy wooden educational toys for their children first, which can let children know the shape and color of objects. Building block is an open-ended toy, it has a variety of shapes and colors, these different shapes of square wooden blocks can also be combined into a variety of objects.



Musical Toys

Many parents like to use music for fetal education. Wonderful music can easily attract children's attention. Children not only like to listen to music, they also like to knock on anything that can make a sound. Although these sounds are disorganized to us, they are a reflection of the development of children's self-awareness. Therefore, wooden musical toys, such as dolls that can make sounds and electronic organs, are suitable for children's toys. These toys can not only relieve children's emotions, but also help them learn the language. Maybe you can find their musical talent.



Toy Doll

Toy dolls can help children learn social life earlier. These toys include dolls, wooden kitchen sets, wooden doctor sets and so on. Through these toys, children can imitate or play some social roles, experience the social roles of adults, strengthen their understanding of the world around them, and cultivate their personality and behavior in the process of playing. When buying this kind of toy, you must pay attention to whether the material of the toy is safe and non-toxic. Plush toys need to be cleaned and dried regularly to prevent the dust and mildew of plush or filler, which may cause skin allergy of children.




Crayons can be said to be a necessary toy for every family. Children like drawing very much. They even doodle directly on the table and on the wall. At this time, it is a good opportunity to cultivate children's imagination and aesthetics, so that children can draw freely and match various colors freely. They can express their understanding and views on things around them and show their inner world through painting. 

square wooden blocks



Ball Toys

Children can never resist the charm of hammer ball toys. These fitness toys can not only exercise children's flexibility and coordination, but also allow children to carry out whole-body exercise. Children after half-year-old can play wooden ball toys, and mothers can use ball toys to stimulate children's crawling ability and grasping ability, and promote children's limb muscle development.



Jigsaw Puzzle

Educational toys are especially good for promoting children's intellectual development and thinking development. Let children play wooden block puzzles, can cultivate their observation and analysis ability, exercise children's image thinking and logical thinking. When buying puzzles for children, pay attention to the quality of the 3D wooden puzzles. The jigsaw puzzles on the market are made of various materials. It is better for parents to determine whether the material is non-toxic before purchasing.

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