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Significant Parent-Child Toys

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As parents, they always hope to give their children unlimited love, countless materials and food. They want to accompany their baby all the time and accompany him to grow up day by day. Therefore, many parents will buy all kinds of toys for their children, such as vintage wooden rocking horses, magnetic dress up dolls, etc. to reflect or even express their love for their children.


For many smart babies, toys play an important role in the growth of children. Therefore, it is better to spend a good time with children in the most natural and simple way, that is parent-child toys. This not only enhances the relationship between parents and children, but also allows the baby to learn more knowledge and develop the baby's intelligence.

wooden rocking horse


Parent-child Jigsaw Puzzles to Improve Thinking And Logic Skills


Jigsaw puzzles can not only exercise the baby's hands-on ability and improve the flexibility of the fingers, but also cultivate the baby's thinking and logic ability, so that the baby can learn to use his own brain faster with the company of parents. The cooperation between parents and children will better enhance mutual understanding. Wooden shape puzzle, star wooden puzzle and wooden animal puzzle are all good puzzles, which are very suitable for children aged 2-6. It is the dream of parents for babies to have good logical thinking. From scattered particles, spell out complete patterns, and cultivate the baby's observation and logical thinking with the company of parents, and enhance the baby's curiosity and exploration of the unknown.


Parent-child Hand Puppet Toys, Expand Yourself In the Performance


Hand puppets can allow babies to expand themselves better from various role-playing processes. Whether it's a baby's interpretation or a parent's talk, the baby can gain a lot. Operate the puppet to perform and act, which can mobilize the baby's various organs to stimulate the baby's thinking development. Filled with full and three-dimensional doll hand puppets, plus a variety of doll images, make the baby more in love. While playing, the child strengthens language expression ability, improves operation and hand-eye coordination. Common dolls are mostly made of plastic, such as plastic baby dolls, plastic barbie dolls and plastic toy figures.

dress up doll


Parent-child Sports Toys, Exercise Your Body


Exercise is very important for babies. Regardless of the age of the baby, exercise is a necessary part of growth and health for the baby. Accompanied by the parents, let the baby exercise appropriately to better protect the baby's bones and make the baby's body more agile and flexible. The more important point, and one that parents pay particular attention to, is to help the child grow taller in the future. Of course, while exercising, it can also enhance the children's great interest in sports, enhance the harmony between parents and children, and understand the communication and cooperation between people. For example, American plastic toys basketball hoop, toy golf club set and other series of sports toys are good choices.


This seemingly simple exercise method actually contains many basic physical qualities that should be possessed and is a good form of fitness. There is no need to be bored with a variety of color patterns.

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