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Psychologist Tells You How to Choose Toys

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For children, toys play an irreplaceable role in their growth. The whole process of children's growth is a process of experience and learning. In this process, toys are tools for children to experience learning. Since toys are so important, how do we choose toys for children? What kind of toy is suitable?


Children of Different Ages Have Their Own Toys


Under 6 months, sensory development is very rapid. We hang some brightly colored toys on the personalised wooden dolls pram that have musical sounds when they sway, which stimulates the childs visual and auditory development and stimulates the childs desire to touch the toys by waving his limbs, thereby strengthening the limbs Ability to exercise.

After 6 months, the child's hand-eye coordination began to develop. At this time, we bought brightly colored toys that are easy to grasp, such as rope-worn toys, small plush toys, small wind-up toys, and small plastic toys, wooden blocks for kids, etc. Of course, these toys must be non-toxic and not easy to swallow. At this time, the child first "tastes" everything caught. These must be paid attention to, and they must be cleaned and disinfected regularly to protect their health.

From 8 to 12 months, the child's hand-eye coordination ability has developed new due to crawling, and he can do more delicate movements, and he can also listen to some stories from his parents for a while. Of course, it is done with the cooperation of pictures. At the same time, we have also prepared some running toys, such as a wooden toy train and wooden toy tractor to stimulate children's interest in crawling and chasing, and promote the development of children's movement coordination.


barbie wooden

After 1 year old, children start to learn to walk, and toys that can be dragged and moved have become their new favorites. At this time, the child's autonomy begins to develop, toys such as throwing are indispensable for the child to control independently.

Between the ages of 1 and 3, this is the stage when a child completes language development, and this is also an important stage for the child's physical self-control and coordination development, accompanied by imitation. So in this period, wooden doll strollers, children's tricycles, and some imitating game tools, such as doll house toys, barbie wooden doll house, etc. are all good choices.


After the age of 3, toys with strong plasticity began to increase. We bought all kinds of colored clay and ceramic clay with the most complete colors. Our house also has a special area for playing with water and sand. Various bottles and cans and plastic toys are very good tools. Children create various buildings, objects, tasks, landscapes, etc. according to their own imagination. It can be said that imagination and creativity have been fully utilized and improved.


Imitation Games Can Relieve Children's Psychological Anxiety

Imitation games can also help children deal with and relieve stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that the effect of single plaything games on traumatic events is also better than social games. When children reflect real-life pressures into their games, anxiety about dangerous and uncontrollable events may be reduced.


Three Tips for Choosing Toys


British psychologist Wardell believes that toys can give young children the opportunity to imagine, create and construct their own world. This is very important for children. It helps children develop their self-esteem, and let them feel that the surrounding environment can be controlled and learning is a meaningful process. For children, toys that meet this requirement are suitable and good toys. Here are three tips for choosing toys for your children.


barbie wooden doll house,

Toys must be in harmony with the law of the child's development, cooperate with the development of the child's various abilities, and promote the child's physical and psychological development.


The toy must be safe. Children's ability to recognize and react to dangers is almost zero, and children are very curious and want to explore everything. Therefore, providing children with toys must fully consider safety and operability. Children in the lower age group often choose wooden toys, such as 3D wooden puzzle, wooden puzzle cube and so on.


The choice of toys, the right is the best. We seldom choose toys for children that are high-end and highly automated, because children can't operate such toys and can only watch adults play. The child is not involved, nor can he exercise his hands-on ability. Children usually love toys for a short period of time, so there is no need to buy expensive toys. You can buy some plastic anti-fall toys, such as kids plastic car, hape plant based plastic and so on.

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