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Plush Toys Have So Many Advantages

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At present, there are various kinds of toys on the market, including wooden toys, plastic toys and plush toys, and etc. Today we talk about the use of plush toys.


From infancy, the baby's sense of security comes mostly from skin contact. The mother's embrace and skin touch always make the baby feel warm and comfortable. Touch soft items, will let this gentle continue, so that the baby full of security, even if no mother's company, can also play or sleep alone. It is not difficult to find that the baby likes to hold a familiar plush toy while sleeping.

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In fact, in addition to soothing effects, plush toys also have the following advantages:



1. Intimate Playmate

Plush toys are often used as intimate playmates by babies. With these little playmates, when the parents can not accompany the baby for various reasons, the baby will not feel particularly lonely. When going out to play, many babies are happy to bring their little playmates. With the company of small toys, children seem to have more courage in the face of new people and things around them.



2. Language Sparring

Children who take plush toys as their playmates are often inseparable from plush toys. Sometimes, the baby will try to talk with the plush toys, create some dialogue scenes, and even tell them some whispers. In the process of dialogue with plush toys, the baby not only gets emotional catharsis, but also improves the ability of language organization.



3. Role Play

Many babies will take care of plush toys as their younger brothers, sisters and pets, put on small clothes and shoes for them, even prepare wooden food toys for them, and sleep with them at night. They also play house games with plush toys, treat plush toys with wooden doctors sets, or cook for them in wooden play kitchens, or play for them with wooden musical toys. In this process, the babies play the role of the elderly and take care of the plush toys. Although it is childish in the eyes of adults, it is the manifestation of children's sense of responsibility. So parents should encourage rather than stop their children from trying to be small masters.

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4. Coax Baby Props

Plush toys are precious playmates for babies. Sometimes parents can use plush toys to guide your children indirectly when you feel that you can't communicate with your children positively. For example, when children refuse to go to bed, parents can pick up their cherished plush toys and tell them, "Lisa (the name of the plush toy) also feels sleepy. Can you sleep with her?" You can also use plush toys when feeding your baby medicine, eating, etc., so as to make communication closer, rather than adopt an imperative tone.



5. Aesthetic Cultivation

Don't look at babies are still small, in fact they have a certain aesthetic ability. Choosing beautiful, textured and distinctive plush toys for your baby will not only upgrade the play experience, but also help improve the baby's aesthetic level from childhood, so that they can obtain their own unique appreciation from play.


In addition to plush toys, the children also like some toys such as wood blocks, plastic toy cars and wood baby rattles, etc. But when choosing toys, parents must pay attention to the quality of toys. Hape wooden toys are a good choice. If you are interested in our products, you can go to our website to know more.

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