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Must-buy Toys, and Must-not-buy Toys

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As a mother, she often buys toys for her children, such as kids wooden play kitchen, wooden educational toys, etc. But not all toys can be taken home. Here, we want to talk about some toys that must be bought and toys that must not be bought.



1.Toys to Buy

(1) Exercise the Body and Vent Emotions, Super Interactive—Ball

① Grasp and crawl, a small ball can solve both. Prepare a wooden ball run, which can not only help babies learn to crawl, but also can promote the development of their small hands and fine movements.


② Vent the emotions and one ball can solve it. When a baby loses his temper, giving him a ball can help him get rid of the bad mood.


③ Parent-child interaction can be solved by one ball. Baby's favorite is to throw the ball with his parents. During the game, the baby's body and mind are nourished.


keywords for Selection and Purchase

For the little baby, select the ball with a concave and convex surface and the ball can also make a sound. Small balls with different textures on the surface can also promote the baby's tactile development. For the big baby, it is recommended to select a big ball with elastic, easy rolling and rubber texture to facilitate the baby to kick it and chase it.


(2) Love and Security, Regardless of Gender—Plush Doll

Japanese wooden dolls in soft coats can greatly reduce children's anxiety and increase their sense of security, especially in special periods such as weaning, entering the kindergarten, separating beds, or when the mother needs to leave the baby for a period of time.

kids wooden play kitchen 

keywords for Selection and Purchase

Super soft (Baby favorite soft), light color (Light color is more healing).

Be sure to buy two (Make sure one is dirty and can be replaced. One is broken and there is an alternate).


(3) Sensory Enlightenment and Birth Necessity—Hand Bell

① This one toy can satisfy three kinds of sensory stimulation. It meets the baby's development requirements from the vision, hearing and touch system.


② Make the baby's little hands more powerful by the way of gripping. Holding the bell can promote the development of the baby's hand muscles and brain.


keywords for Selection and Purchase

Big brands

Big brands are usually non-toxic, harmless, smooth seams, and will scratch babies.


The handle should be thin

It should be as thin as the pen holder, which is most suitable for baby to grasp.


(4) Play from Childhood to Older Kids, No Age Limitation-Building Blocks

Playing with wooden shape blocks can stimulate the baby's development in all fields. Even the Child Care Center tests the baby's development with building blocks.

 Japanese wooden dolls

keywords for Selection and Purchase

Big brand

The quality of big brand is guaranteed. The inferior building blocks are likely to exceed the standard of formaldehyde and toluene, seriously endangering the health of the baby.


Large granule

It is especially important for the little baby to avoid being swallowed by them. It is also more convenient for the baby to grasp.


(5) Creative-Painting Brush

The process of painting is to create, exercise the small muscles of the hand, promote hand eye coordination, and sprinkle creativity.


keywords for Selection and Purchase

① It can be put into the mouth

The safe and non-toxic finger paint is most suitable for children under 3 years old during graffiti period.


② Washable

a washable brush can be washed clean as soon as it is washed. Even if it is painted on the wall or standing art easel, it can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth.


(6) Complicated and Fun-Mirror

Baby also loves to look in the mirror and know themselves from the mirror. The baby will touch himself in the mirror with his hand and pat to attract the attention of‘the other party’, and happily imitate the baby's movements in the mirror.


keywords for Selection and Purchase

Toys with mirrors, such as the fitness blanket combined with the mirror, wooden baby gym, wooden play gym, etc., are very attractive to babies. For older babies, dressing glasses are more appropriate. Give girls toy make-up mirrors. Some picture books inserted mirror like materials are more suitable for boys.



2. Toys That Must Not Be Bought

(1) The Killer of Sense and Perception-Too Loud, Too Bright Sound Photoelectric Toys

Toys with too loud noise and too bright light will cause damage to the baby's auditory system and visual system.


(2) A Bomb with Hidden Danger-High Pressure Water Gun

The high-pressure water gun has a long range and a lot of water storage, which is easy to cause‘trauma’, especially harmful to the eyes.


(3) A Big Toy on the Street - Skatekart-red

The world of Skatekart-red is full of three no products, no brand name, no manufacturer name and no health license. The drive device is exposed and there is no safety belt, and the business never does safety maintenance. There are various safety accidents, such as electric shock, fracture, etc.


(4) For Cheap Wooden Toys, Lead and Formaldehyde Seriously Exceed the Standard

Paint spray toys with unqualified quality often exceed the standard of lead. Baby lead poisoning can lead to lower intelligence quotient. It will also cause damage to baby's physical function in serious cases, resulting in anemia, reproductive system dysplasia and so on.


(5) Penny Wise, Pound Foolish - All Inferior Toys

A variety of colorful plastic toys attract children's attention on street stalls and in small supermarkets. But these poor quality toys can seriously damage children's health.


There is great learning in small toys. It is very necessary to choose toys well for the sake of children's health. High quality children's toys include childrens wooden abacus, wooden kitchen and washing machine set, etc.

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