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Is It Childish For Children To Play House?

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Every child likes to play house games to imitate the actions of adults. But from the parent's point of view, it may be naive. Parents don't need to worry about children who like to play family games. This is the normal behavior of children's physical and mental development to a certain stage. Generally speaking, children have social needs when they are about 3 years old.



1. Treat Children's "Playing House" Correctly


After the age of three, children's sexual psychology also began to sprout, they gradually realized the difference between boys and girls.They will observe the difference between boys and girls through playing house. For example, the little girl plays the bride, the little boy acts as the bridegroom, and some children like to play the role of doctor to check the body of their partners.


Parents don't have to look at children's games with colored glasses, because this is the performance of children's interpersonal development and the characteristics of children's sexual psychological growth. But this kind of game requires parents to remind your children that they should not touch the sensitive parts of the other party and do not hurt the other party's body.


Therefore, parents should try their best to cooperate with and less intervene in children's role assignment and play, and listen to more "speeches" from children's mouth. Generally speaking, children's feelings are truly revealed when playing house games. Parents can also understand children's real thoughts through playing house games.



2. What Are The Benefits of Children's Playing House Games?


Piaget, a child psychologist, said that children's thinking depends on interests and activities, rather than interests and activities depending on thinking. Playing house is a special interest and behavior of children at the right age.


Now, there are so many toys on the market that can be used for children to play house, including wooden play kitchens, wooden food toys, wooden doctor play sets and etc. It seems to make children happy. Therefore, for children who often play house with each other, there are several advantages:

wooden play kitchens


(1) Improve The Children's Social Skills

When children play family games, in order to play realistic, they often carefully study the behavior and dialogue between friends, and try to figure out the relationship between them. In addition, they will guess how their parents educate their children. They will even simulate the dialogue between doctors and patients based on their past medical experience.


Through such simulation, they can better understand the relationship and occupation around them, and promote the development of social skills.


(2) Develop Children's Intelligence

Children can taste delicious ice cream in wooden ice cream toy sets and see a kingdom from a few wooden blocks, which is the rapid development of their brain thinking ability and imagination.


(3) Enhance Language Ability

When children play family games, they will spend a lot of time in talking. In fact, in this process can improve children's language organization ability and communication skills.

wood fruit and vegetables


Parents can prepare toys for their children's family games, such as wood fruit and vegetables, wood role play and wood cash register toys. Parents should treat children's family games rationally and enter the children's game world with full childlike innocence and warmth. Don't arbitrarily stop the child's nature of playing, let the child grow healthily and wholeheartedly.


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