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How to Wash Baby's Toys?

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Parents always buy lots of toys in order to cultivate their baby's different habits at each stage. But the toys the baby plays must be cleaned frequently, otherwise the baby touches the mouth after touching the toy, which will easily lead to eating dirty things and causing diarrhea. How to clean baby's toys?



Why do we clean toys?

Toys are frequently used items for babies. Whether plastic toys or wooden, plush toys, such as wooden instruments for babies and wooden rocking horse for toddlers, there are amazing bacteria on top. In particular, the total number of bacteria in plush toys can be 3 to 5 times more than that of other toys. Therefore, parents regularly clean and disinfect toys, which is good for the health of the baby.

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It is recommended that toys be cleaned and disinfected once a month. In the process of playing with toys, parents should remind the baby not to put the toys in their mouths. In addition, toys should be placed in a fixed place at home. Like wooden fruit toys or wooden toy tool sets, such toys need to be cleaned in the toy cabinet and toy box. The kitchen and bathroom are the areas with the most bacteria in the home, so don't let the baby take the toys to these two places to play.



Cleaning and disinfection principles of baby toys

Only after the toys are disinfected can they be played for the baby, so can new toys. Because new toys go through many stages from production to buying them home. Therefore, toys are likely to be contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Especially for toys like wooden mixer toys and wooden BBQ toys, babies may also touch their mouths. Only by cleaning the toys in advance can the baby play more safely.


When cleaning and disinfecting toys for babies, special cleaning and disinfectants for infants should be selected, because common disinfectants may cause adverse irritation to baby's respiratory tract and skin. If children are playing baby wooden kitchen and wooden pretend food, parents need to remind them to try not to put toys into their mouths.


After cleaning and disinfection, toys must be washed with a large amount of water to reduce the residual disinfectant, and then the cleaned toys will be thoroughly dried in the air. In particular, like wooden ball toys and wooden animal sets, not drying can easily damage the material of toys themselves and even breed bacteria. Don't wipe toys with household rags when cleaning toys for babies.



Cleaning methods of different kinds of toys for baby

Plastic rubber toys

If the battery is installed in the toy, it should be removed in advance. First of all, we need to put the toys into 5% disinfectant and soak them for about half an hour, then brush the dirty parts with a brush, and finally wash them with water and dry them in the sun.


Plush toys

Small plush toys are directly placed in the washing machine and cleaned in a soft washing mode, then dry and hung in the shade to dry. If it is a large plush toy, you can cut the filling seam, take out the filler, and then put it into the washing machine for cleaning. Large plush toys in the air, it is best to directly put them in the sun, so as to play a role in sterilization.



Sand must be exposed to the sun once a week. When we dry the sand, we should stir it frequently to make sure that all the sand can get to the sun as much as possible.


Metal toys

If the metal toy material is not easy to rust, you can use hot water cleaning. If the material is easy to rust, you can use a special dry cloth to wipe the dust, and then put it in the sun.

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Wooden toys

Wooden toys, which are moisture resistant, heat-resistant and not easy to fade, can be cleaned with hot water. First of all, we need to add detergent in hot water and soak the toys in it for 10 minutes. Then we take them out and wash them. Finally, we dry them in the sun. If the material of the toy easily fades, it can be sterilized by exposure to the sun. In addition, you can also use alcoholic cotton swab toys, and then put them in the sun to dry.


Electronic toy

Electronic toys are more sophisticated and can't be washed with bubbles, so many parents don't know how to clean them. In fact, we can use alcoholic tampons to wipe toys. The gap is not easy to clean, you can use cotton swabs or waste toothbrushes to clean. Finally, wipe the toy again with a clean towel and water.



For the baby's toys, sunlight can play a very good disinfection effect. If you don't have much time to clean your children's toys, the quickest way is to get them in the sun.

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