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How to Reward Children?

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The reward is not only to get more material, but also to reflect and shape values. Avoid driving children with material things, and try to use more sense of responsibility, glory, collective honor, sense of accomplishment, independent choice, and more freedom to drive children, and help children build their inner driving force!



1. Red, yellow and green cards

Each student has a green card, a yellow card and a red card. At the beginning of each day, all students hold green cards. If there are behavior problems, the students green cards and yellow cards will be withdrawn one after another. If students can maintain their green or yellow cards before school within 1 week, they will be granted 25 minutes of free time on Friday. They can play wooden toy trains, play plastic toy airplanes, play the wooden shape puzzle or rest outdoors during their free time.



2. Issue reward coupons

Give reward vouchers to students who perform well, such as wearing school uniforms, handing in homework on time, and getting praise from other teachers. Students can receive "prizes" after accumulating a certain number of reward vouchers, such as a wooden number puzzle, drawing prizes from the prize box, and being allowed to play the wooden play kitchen set or plastic kitchen play set on Friday, and so on. As the semester progresses, the requirements are gradually increased, and students have to get more reward vouchers to get these "prizes." By the end of the school year, even if there are no rewards, students may perform well, and teachers can give students "unexpected rewards" from time to time.



3. Answer rewards

Cut the posters into small pieces of paper, write interesting topics on the pieces of paper, wrap them with a big letter, hang the envelope next to a small blackboard, and write "?" on the small blackboard. If all students in the class perform well, or get praise from other teachers, or have a particularly outstanding class performance, take a piece of paper from the envelope and stick it on the small blackboard. If the students answer the question on the paper correctly, a special reward, such as wooden stacking blocks, is given to the whole class.

wooden stacking blocks



4. Surprise

Write the word SURPRISE on the blackboard. In class, if students are making noise or leave their seats without permission, one child and mother will be wiped from the end. If it appears that everyone is doing well, add back the erased letters in order. In the end, if the word is complete, then give the students a surprise reward. We recommend plastic construction blocks, which are suitable for both boys and girls.



5. Colorful "Prizes"

Let the student have lunch with his favorite person; the teacher makes a praise call to the student’s parent; uses colored chalk; helps the librarian; invites a friend from another class to have lunch in the class; changes seat according to their wishes; have lunch with the teacher; be the host in the game; play plastic model cars and trucks; read to the lower grade students.



6. Reward Wall

If you see a student behaving well, ask him to write his name on a small blackboard called "Reward Wall". When you need students to complete a task and all students are eager to do it, you call a student on the "reward wall" to do it. (Then erase his name.) If there are too many names, fill up the "reward wall" and give a special reward, such as a tangram wooden puzzle to everyone on it.

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