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How to Integrate "Emotion" into Toy Design to Shorten the Distance Between Products and Children?

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A traditional wooden toy should be able to pay attention to the emotional needs of consumers and arouse people's deepest resonance. In toy design, emotional design is indispensable, which is the best way to shorten the relationship between toy products and children. How to integrate "emotion" into wooden hammer toy design is a skill that every toy designer and even every toy practitioner should learn. Here we briefly talk three methods about the combination of toy design and emotional design:

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The visual effect conforms to children's aesthetic taste.


Human beings are visual animals, and vision is the dominant sense organ of the human body. 80% of human information comes from visual input. Children's first impression of everything is input into the brain through visual perception, so it is very important to catch children's "eyes". A good appearance is an important factor to decide whether a light up bath toy will be purchased. Therefore, in the design, it is necessary to match the appearance of the product with the aesthetic needs of the demander.


2.Interests and emotional identification.


Toys, as the name suggests, are children's object for fun, so the word "play" is particularly important. In terms of entertainment, it is necessary to inject interesting games to attract children's eyes or get their emotional recognition. The existing children's plastic robot toys on the market often ignore the emotional identity of the toys themselves, ignore the harmonious relationship between toys, children and environment, and fail to establish a long-term emotional relationship with children, making children prone to burnout during play.


3.Variability and continuity.


The sense of ennui in children comes from the invariability of appearance and the simplicity of play mode. Therefore, it is better to have a variable form that can be reconstructed instead of a single inherent form. Persistence refers to the process of getting along between the wooden kitchens for toddlers and the user, so emotional design is particularly important, because only by forming the emotional sustenance between children and the product can the toy be able to continue.


Emotionalized design is a common design technique in plastic teeth toys design. Only toys incorporating emotion can more easily enter into consumer psychology. Therefore, toy designers should be good at this skill.

hard plastic dolls


The design of children's emotional plastic doll making should first understand the needs of children's emotional development, including the need for love, as well as the training and cultivation of the abilities such as sympathy, empathy, anti-frustration ability, communication ability and self-emotion control. Then the specific function of the little tikes plastic rocking horse is determined by analyzing the internal and external causes according to the emotional defects of different children. Finally, according to the functional requirements, the plastic ride on car is designed from the aspects of shape, color and material to complete the children's toy with emotional education significance. The emotional design should use modern technology, not only solve the problem of accompanying the children on the function demand, also build an emotional toys according to their psychological needs. As the designers of children's toys, they should also correctly recognize the importance of studying and designing toys to cultivate children's emotional education, and strive to develop some wooden rubik's cubes that can really help children's physical and mental growth.

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