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How to Exercise Children's Attention?

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Many parents may find that children's attention is really not focused, often don't know what's taking their attention away. For example, an hour's homework can be done all afternoon. What’s more, when the wooden building block or the wooden alphabet puzzle is half finished, they will throw away to play with other toys. So how to exercise children's attention?



1. Put the Patience in the First Place

Putting patience first is because parents' patience determines the direction of children's development. If parents are always angry at your children's inattention, children’s heart will be inexplicably restless after receiving this kind of emotion. It seems quiet, but in fact, their thoughts are flying all over the sky. Therefore, parents should be patient first, so that children will have the patience to concentrate.



2. Interest is the Best Teacher

In the process of children's growth, there will certainly be things they like and tend to, no matter what kinds of interests and hobbies, parents should let children's interests expand. Because once children have their own interests and hobbies, which can grasp the children's attention to the greatest extent, and children are more likely to spend more time and energy on these hobbies and interests. Unconsciously, when doing things, children will be more persistent, and gradually develop this kind of self-awareness, children will be more focused when studying. You can prepare some favorite toys for children, such as wooden dolls houses for girls, wooden train tracks and wooden train sets for boys.

wooden train tracks


There are also some wooden educational toys that can exercise children's observation, attention and memory, such as wooden maze toys, wooden block cube puzzles, finding fault and so on.



3. Form Good Planning

When the children are still young, it is the easiest to be guided and planned. Therefore, parents must pay attention to actively cultivate the children's planned way of doing things and thinking concept. Children can be allowed to complete learning tasks in stages within the specified time, instead of fixed time to quantitative.


If children can concentrate on the completion, parents should give some encouragement and let them rest for 5-10 minutes. Then complete the following in the same way. When the child can do well, parents can gradually extend the time of one-time concentrated study. Ask the child to check out the requirements and conditions of the topic with a pen in the process of examining the problem, so as to avoid being distracted and wrong.


Long term guidance and systematic learning can deeply and naturally carve this kind of planned thinking into children's minds. Therefore, the significance of regular repetition is also very important.

wooden letter blocks


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