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How to Establish the Concept of Children Tidying Up Toys?

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To cultivate the child's good living habits, we need to follow the principle of early training. In fact, there is also a so-called "critical period" in the development of life habits. If the formation of habits is delayed due to different factors, such as too much favor, severe restriction, and neglect of teaching, it will be more difficult to form good habits when growing up. Generally speaking, one to three years old is the golden age to develop the ability to live. Any experience in life can be used as learning materials. Tidying up toys is usually one of the best learning situations, but it is also the problem of parents.

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With the development of the times, there are many kinds of toys, such as wooden toys, plastic toys, bath toys and so on. Every child's house is full of toys. At this time, it is necessary for children to pack their own toys. Cleaning up toys is very difficult in children's eyes. In the process of tidying up toys, parents need to teach them constantly and guide them in a planned way. Only in this way can children find out how to clean up toys in a chaotic and diversified way. What parents need to do to develop your children's cleaning skills are as follows:



1. Help Each Type of Toys Find a Home

To develop the ability to clean up toys, the first thing is to teach children to classify toys. Like wooden playhouse kits, wooden stacking blocks, wooden toy vehicles and so on, these are the types of toys that children often have. It's a good idea to buy several packing boxes that are easy to store and paste photos in the outer box. If there are more than one child in the family, it can also be used as a division of labor and cooperation between members, which can avoid unnecessary disputes.



2. Pay Attention to the Purchase Process of Toys

The storage of toys in the future should be considered when buying toys. Try to reduce the purchase volume is too large and irregular shape toys, such as the big wooden dollhouse, big plastic toy cars and etc, so as to avoid the trouble of putting in order. And every time you buy a new toy, you can ask the child which "home" the toy should live in? In this way, children's classification ability can be strengthened, and children can be guided to clean up correctly.

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3. Rebuild the Rules of Playing with Toys

In order to keep the toys fresh, you may as well arrange and group the toys at home and replace them every two weeks. You will find that the children's concentration on toys increases with this arrangement. As the amount of toys is reduced, it will also make it easier for children to clean up by themselves. If parents can add rules to play with toys, for example, asking children to "tidy one toy before playing another", it is easy for children to form a good habit of tidying up during the game.



It is very helpful to cultivate a good concept of toy packing for children in the future. The Hape wooden toy is easy to tidy up. Our company's wooden shape sorter toys help children build up the awareness of classifying objects. If you are interested in knowing more, you can visit our website.

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