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How to Develop a Child's Brain through Building Blocks?

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Many parents also spent their childhood in the company of wooden building blocks. Nowadays, high-tech toys emerge in endlessly, but wooden activity blocks still play an irreplaceable role. Building blocks can almost develop all the basic abilities of children. For some children with developmental retardation, they can play with building blocks to promote the mastery of children's primary cognitive function. Building blocks are indispensable wooden educational toys for every child, whether in rehabilitation centers or in daily training.

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The Educational Function of Building Blocks

Hand-eye Coordination

Through lakeshore wooden blocks, parents can let their children recognize the meaning of the words such as color, shape, size, height, thickness, length, etc., and also exercise their children's visual perception. Children think constantly when they play with blocks and show their thoughts with their hands. This process is conducive to the baby's fine movement exercise, but also to the child's hand-eye-coordination training.


Developing the Brain

If the child is slow to grow and can't speak, it may be a problem with the child's brain. At this point, parents need to use traditional wooden alphabet blocks to exercise your child's brain. Children in the process of playing baby wooden block puzzles, their imitation, imagination, creativity, observation, memory and so on will be trained. If children don't use their brains and don't have their own ideas, they can't build wooden letter blocks into various shapes, and this process is actually the process of developing the brain. 


Promoting Focus

In the process of playing with building blocks, children must have enough concentration. Concentration is an important basis for children's learning ability. Some experts once pointed out that concentration can affect a person's final achievement more than IQ, and building blocks can promote this ability.


Improve Thinking Ability

In the process of building and dismantling building blocks, children will think. They can distinguish plane and three-dimensional space by wooden alphabet blocks, which exercises children's thinking ability. Therefore, it doesn't matter what the final building blocks look like. What matters is the process of playing with building blocks. 


Training Method

Through magnetic wooden blocks, children's basic operation ability, imitation ability and ability to follow instructions can be trained. In training, parents can build a structure with wooden toy blocks and then let their children build the same structure. At the beginning of training, parents can build some simple structures. As training becomes more difficult, parents can build more complex structures.

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When children can complete the above tasks, their attention and memory have been greatly improved. After that, parents can use building blocks to build the structure, let the children observe for a period of time and remember the structure, and then push the structure down. Then, parents can let their children restore structure through memory. Or, parents can ask their children some questions, such as how many blocks they used to build the structure, and what colors of the blocks they used. If the children can restore the structure perfectly or answer the parents' questions perfectly, it proves that the children's memory ability is very strong. This is very helpful for children to learn new things. 

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