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How to Cultivate Children's Cognitive Ability Scientifically and Effectively?

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"Cognition" refers to a psychological process in which people acquire knowledge, process information, and perceive the outside world. For each of us, cognitive ability is more important than intelligence. As the development of children's cognitive ability is gradual, so we should pay attention to methods in the cultivation of children's cognitive ability.


So how to cultivate children's cognitive ability scientifically and effectively? Parents can start from the color, shape, number, space and body parts.


colored wooden blocks


1. Color

In the baby's enlightenment education, color recognition training is very conducive to the development of their imagination, aesthetic ability and observation. It is a good way to learn how to choose some colorful wooden or plastic toys for children to distinguish colors in the process of playing, such as colored wooden blocks, multi colored plastic balls, wooden rainbow stacking toys and etc.


But do you know? Baby's cognition of color in different stages of its corresponding visual stimulation is not the same. So we can teach the baby to recognize the color, according to "red - black - white - green - yellow - blue - purple - gray - brown" order, the effect will be much better.



2. Shape

In children's cognitive development, the cognition of shape is often later than that of color. Because in our daily life, we have to use abstract thinking and spatial perception to distinguish shapes. Therefore, in order to cultivate babies’ cognition of shape, we must start from life and interest, cultivate children's curiosity and guide them to learn to observe familiar objects around them. Wooden shape blocks, wooden shape sorter toys, wooden shape puzzles and so on are the excellent choice.



3. Number

The development of children's numeral cognition can go through three stages: Mastering meaningless numeral sounds, solving the practical meaning of numbers, and then being able to calculate numbers. To cultivate children's ability to count, we must let children use their hands and brains! That is to say, point a real object and say a number. At the same time, should also pay attention to the combination of common life or things the baby likes. Some interesting wooden number toys, such as wooden number blocks, wooden number puzzles and etc., can make children learn more happily.



4. Space

Spatial cognitive ability is a prerequisite for children to enter the society. For the cultivation of children's sense of direction, we can combine children's interests to carry out.


For example, when children are drawing pictures, parents can guide your children like this: what is around when you are walking in the park? If you want to draw clouds and the sun, where should they be? Should the lake in the park be painted on the left or right of mom and dad?

Wooden shape blocks



5. Body Parts

The baby's exploration of their body parts actually starts from the moment they are born. You can teach your babies to recognize their bodies when you are bathing or playing with your baby.


Children's cognitive ability training needs parents to guide patiently. Good early guidance for children's life is a huge impact!

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