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How Toys Affect Children's Development?

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In order to help you make a good investment in choosing toys for your child, please remember that carefully selected toys can enhance the importance and benefits of the game, such as distinctive hape wooden toys, wooden number puzzle and other educational toys that are very suitable for young children to develop intelligence. Toys are game tools. When you provide your child with the best game tools, his or her game experience will develop basic skills. Many toys are not fun tools at all. Any toy that is unsafe, not interested in your child, easy to break, and has no developmental value when used is not a good toy. The best toys are fun for children, and are successfully designed to promote growth and development.


Look for award-winning toys that have been proven to develop skills such as sequencing, matching Hape shape puzzles, hand-eye coordination, memory, visual recognition, problem-solving, emotional wooden puppet theatre, pattern recognition and refinement motor skills. As children grow up, they will progress to toys that improve skills in mathematics, science, architecture and basic introductory engineering, such as a wooden magnetic train set.


The right toy for the right toy experience will also help cultivate childrens imagination, which can be stimulated by storytelling, drama, theme, role-playing and pretending, such as airfix toy soldiers, small plastic disney figures and so on. Some of these same toys and activities help develop a child's imagination and also help him or her better recognize, understand and process emotions. Before expressing in words, children actually learn to express their feelings through healthy games. The joy and laughter of children playing alone are worth the price of a quality toy that cultivates this joy.


wooden magnetic train set 

Toys are childrens angels. Why do you say that? Toys play a great role in children's understanding of the world around them. Toys attract children's curiosity and attention with their bright colors, beautiful and strange shapes, dexterous activities, and pleasant sounds.


Children's Toys Can Mobilize the Enthusiasm of Children's Activities.


The physical and mental development of children is realized in activities. Toys can be freely manipulated and used for children, which conform to the children's psychological hobby and ability level. It can meet their needs for activities and increase their enthusiasm for activities. For example, a wooden rocking horse, children will naturally ride on and swing back and forth, which not only meets their activity requirements, but also makes them feel positive and happy, so they will not tire of playing for a long time. Another example is wooden dollhouse kits, which can cause children to do a variety of activities. Children of all ages use dolls to play games based on their own life experiences, which can vary from simple to complex.


Children's Toys Can Increase Perceptual Awareness.


Toys have the characteristics of intuitive images. Children can touch, hold, listen, blow, watch, etc., which is conducive to the training of various sense organs. Such as colored towers, blow molding toys, various dolls and toy animals, etc. are conducive to visual training; wooden toy blocks, plastic pieces, and structural models can develop spatial perception; various puzzles, mosaic toys, soft plastic toys, etc. can be exercised touch feeling; pedaling on a bicycle, trolley, tricycle, treadmill, etc. contribute to the development of kinesthesia. Toys not only enrich children's perceptual knowledge while developing sensory and motor abilities, but also help to consolidate the impression that children obtain in life. When children do not have extensive exposure to real life, they understand the world through toys.

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Children's Toys Can Cause Children's Association Activities.


For example, toys in hospitals and dolls’ toys can arouse children’s associations with hospitals and families and encourage them to develop creative role games. Some toys for labor tools can cause young children to perform simulated tasks such as tree planting, sand digging, and construction. Some toys are specially used for thinking training, such as various chess and various intellectual toys, which can improve children's ability of analysis, synthesis, comparison, judgment, and reasoning, and cultivate the depth, flexibility and agility of thinking.

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